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Australia is one of the most popular places for backpackers and budget friendly travellers to visit. By taking advantage of the beautiful landscape, there is not much you have to pay for besides transportation, food and accommodation. Of course if you want to save even more, the Working Holiday program allows you to pay off these expenses while travelling. 

Seasons in the land down under!

Australia is a place to travel all year round. With opposite seasons to Canada, Australia is definitely a spot to hide from the snow in the winter or to extend your winter season during the summer in Canada.


·       Summer from December to February

·       Autumn from March to May

·       Winter from June to August

·       Spring from September to November


10 Reasons to visit Australia


1.      It is extremely easy to travel and get around

2.      Experience the breathtaking beaches

3.     Surf the waves of some of the best waves of New South Wales

4.     Ski the slopes of Australia!

5.     Immerse yourself in the hundreds of national parks and rainforests in Australia

6.     Hike up the highest mountain in Australia, Mount Kosciuszko

7.      Visit Australian wildlife and befriend a kangaroo and koala

8.     See the worlds largest coral system in the in the world

9.     Find out what the Uluru is all about

Visit Kangaroo Island, a sanctuary for Australian wildlife!