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Programs offered in Chile


You just finished school or university and everybody is asking you what you are going to do now? What about taking some time off? Travel to the other end of the world, make new experiences and find inspiration? Chile is exactly the country to do just that.  Our work and travel program gives you the opportunity to get to know more than just the tourist attractions of Chile, all while also gaining work experiences abroad.

The South American country is not totally strange, full of natural wonders and hospitable people. Stretching on the western coast of South America, its a place of colonial churches, lively markets, colourful streets and exciting nightlife. Additionally, you have the chance to improve your Spanish without much cramming, through direct contact with native-speaking locals.


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Be immersed in the Chilean culture with the colourful housing and delicious wine at the heart of Santiago. The small country offers breathtaking landscapes, which allow you to experience skiing in the morning and relax on the beach on the afternoon. Where else could you do that? Being on the coast of South America, Chile contains some of the most incredible landscapes in the world. From mountains to fields, and lakes, Chile has it all.

10 Reasons to visit Chile


1. You can ski in the Andes

2. You can trek glaciers

3. You can visit the driest desert in the world, The Atacama Desert

4. Eat like a local, Chilean food!

5.Sip on delicious wine

6. Visit Easter Island

7.  You can see Patagonia, one of the planet’s most pristine wilderness regions.

8. Explore volcanos on Easter Island

9. For the diverse culture!

10. Visit the Human Rights Museum