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Check Japan off your bucket list and gain international experience while doing it! Whether you are looking to advance your professional skills, or you just want to relax and travel the country, you could be living the japanese lifestyle in no time! 

With a population of about 13 million, Fukuoka lays on the coast of Kyushu, the southern island. Centered around Fukuoka, are museums, natural hot springs and volcanoes! 

10 Reasons to visit Fukuoka

  1. Experience the lively and cultural festivals all year round 
  2. Eat street food and have ramen everyday!
  3. Visit some of the oldest temples and shrines in Fukuoka. 
  4. Fukuoka has some of the world's largest shopping malls which holds 250 shops, restaurants, hotels, movie theatres and a performance theatre. 
  5. Observe the modern japanese architecture
  6. Attend a baseball game at the Fukuoka Dome. 
  7. Taste the infamous Hakata Ramen from Fukuoka
  8. Efficient public transportation for the convenience of a tourist like you!
  9. Be surrounded by beautiful cherry blossoms 
  10. Experience the Japanese lifestyle