Stepabroad: a different way to see the world!

We are the outbound department of Stepwest, a recognized organization by IEC (International Experience Canada). Stepwest is a thriving working holiday and internship placement company who offers job positions in hospitality, marketing, international trade, engineering, design and many more emerging industries in Canada. Our international participants have experienced everything from what a luxury resort in the Rocky Mountains has to offer to developing their professional skills with a thriving host company in Canada. 


With 5 years of experience in the inbound market, we are now really excited to launch Stepabroad! The company focus is on offering Canadians the opportunity to go see the world as locals! Travelling, working, teaching or doing an internship abroad! We want to be able to provide both Canadian and foreign youth with the same amount of opportunities to travel to a new country and to gain work experience. Through these experiences, we aim to see youth immerse themselves in a new culture and eventually grow into mature and well-developed citizens who will be active and engaged members of their respective communities.


Stepwest is an award-shortlisted travel and work experience provider founded in 2010. We want to become the leader in Canada of travel and work experiences abroad by providing Canadian youth of all backgrounds with opportunities for personal, career, and cultural growth through affordable, all-inclusive work experiences.

We aim to develop our company to a large and global scale that will help amplify the global awareness of the benefits of working abroad and promote the professional and cultural development of Canadian Youth. Through the process of cultural development in youth, we hope to see a more culturally educated and accepting generation ahead of us, helping Canada foster good relations with different countries around the world.

We see a future where we can empower Canadian and Foreign national youth, regardless of socioeconomic status, to work and travel anywhere on the globe cost-effectively, and foster the latest technology to share their experiences with others both in Canada and around the world.


Our mission is to provide amazing, life-changing travel and work experiences to inspire Canadian youth to go abroad and foreign nationals to come Canada. We want to encourage them to go out of their comfort zone in order to boost their career globally and widen their perception of both Canadian and other cultures. We aim to develop an adaptive and culturally knowledgeable generation ready to succeed in the workforce both today and tomorrow.

Our mission is to provide students, recent graduates, and young professionals of all backgrounds with opportunities for international work experience and personal growth through affordable, customized internships around the world. Our dedicated team and partners from all over the world are here to assist you anytime. Through hard work and diligence we have also established a one of a kind partnership network across the globe, to ensure our travellers have access to the best opportunities out there.

  • Values

Stepwest specializes in offering and providing all-inclusive travel and work programs and support services to ensure your experience is a personal, cultural, and professional success. In each of our locations, our on-site coordinators and partners will advise and support you throughout your work experience.

  • Customized Placements

At Stepwest, we will work with you to find the right placement for you. The placement not only has to fit your skills, but also your interests and long term goals. All of our programs come with a guaranteed work placement and our experienced team will walk you through the entire process–matching you with the right employer, guiding you through interviews, and helping you get settled upon arrival to the country you´ve selected. This is your chance to earn money and have the best experience of your life while living and working abroad! We believe the best way to see the world is through meaningful trips, and we exist for one sole reason; making those journeys possible and easy for you. 

  • Cultural & Professional Development

At Stepwest, we understand that the best way of achieving professional success in a global career is through strong inter-cultural knowledge and learning. This is why all our programs’ orientation includes inter-cultural training and practical knowledge necessary to help you in your immersion process. Moreover, you will have access to social and cultural events through your programs.

  • Cost-effective

Our programs are built with affordability in mind; we want to allow all Canadian and foreign national youth, no matter of economical background, to enrich their careers thanks to our travel and work experiences.

  • Global Network

Stepwest offers one of the most diverse and extensive internship placement networks available. Come explore our placements and discover how you may launch your career abroad.

  • Program Support

From the moment you begin your application process to your pre-departure seminar, Stepwest is available to help prepare you and offer the best ongoing support possible whenever you need it.

Our mission is to enrich the lives of international exchange participants, host companies and partners by providing exceptional customer service and the best work and internship opportunities across the globe!

We look forward to working with you and making your experience abroad truly memorable!