Young Canadians entering the workforce require more than traditional academic experience to thrive. Stepabroad’s internship and co-op jobs provide the experiential learning needed to enhance your resume. In addition to technical skills, employers also look for life experience and soft skills when selecting candidates – such as communication, adaptability, and cultural awareness. Stepabroad provides international internships and co-ops to help young Canadians who are seeking a strong start to their business career.

Why Do a Business Internship Abroad?

If you are a business student who wants to stand out to employers upon graduation, a business internship abroad is your golden ticket. With increasing globalization, students now require more than just credentials to land their first career position. Employers seek candidates who possess in-demand skills, such as intercultural competencies and adaptability, which can be gained through internships abroad. Stepabroad is proud to place our interns in customized international business internships based on students’ country of choice, area of study, past work experience, and career goals. We are also able to work directly with each participant’s institution to meet any requirements.

Global Work Experience

International experience is imperative for a successful career in a global marketplace. Interning abroad puts you ahead of the competition to begin a career with a multinational corporation.

International Network

You will be provided with the opportunity to create an international network of professional connections that you will be able to leverage throughout your career.

Intercultural Competencies

Develop a greater understanding of how customs and business practices differ across borders, increase global awareness, and increase your cross-cultural communication skills.

Higher Salary Potential

An internship abroad is an investment in yourself. International work experience enhances your employability, resulting in higher salary opportunities for future positions.


In order to participate in Stepabroad’s Business Internship Abroad program, you must currently be enrolled in a post-secondary institution or have already graduated. It is required that you have completed at least two classes in the field of business by the time you begin your internship. Other requirements to participate in an internship abroad include that you:

  • Are a Canadian citizen
  • Hold a passport that will be valid for the duration of your internship
  • Are between 18 and 30 (some cases 35) years old
  • Have proof of financial means to support yourself
  • Are in good health and fit to travel abroad
  • Do not have a criminal record

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