Do you want hands-on, international work experience to improve your skills and help you stand out from the competition? Our internship abroad programs offer the opportunity for a career boost by landing you a role in your field without having any previous professional work experience. An internship abroad is a chance to discover what it means to work in your chosen field while exploring a new culture, embracing adventure and making memories to last a lifetime.

Why do an Internship Abroad?

Young Canadians entering the workforce now require more than traditional academic experience to get hired for their first career position. During the hiring process, employers look for relevant work experiences and employable skills such as adaptability, cultural awareness, and collaboration. The barrier recent graduates face is that they can’t gain the skills or the relevant work experience required to be employed until they actually get hired. Stepabroad helps you overcome this barrier by placing you in an internship abroad to gain invaluable and relevant experience in your field. You will develop imperative skills and get your foot in the door in your chosen line of work – setting you up for a successful career.

Experience Global Travel

Experience new cultures, food, and festivities to become a more open-minded individual. You will learn about cultural differences and return home with a new mindset.

Professional and Personal Growth

Learn key skills related to your career through hands-on-learning, while also developing unique skills through travel. Your experience abroad will make you stand out in future interviews.

Enhanced Employability

Career-related experience in an international setting helps attract employers and sets you apart from the competition. An internship abroad will launch your career.

Gain High Demand Skills

Cross-cultural competencies and problem-solving skills are in high demand by employers. Interning abroad will allow you to develop these skills and showcase them on your resume.

Am I Eligible?

Our internship abroad program is designed for post-secondary students, recent graduates, and young professionals who would like to gain work experience in their career field. It is preferred that interns have some educational background in the field of work they are looking to gain experience in. Exceptions to this requirement are possible if you have relevant, transferrable skills and are looking to try a new career path. To participate in our international internship program you must:

  • Be a Canadian citizen
  • Hold a passport that will be valid for the duration of your internship
  • Be between 18 and 30 (some cases 35) years old
  • Have proof of financial means to support yourself
  • Be in good health and fit to travel abroad
  • Do not have a criminal record

Internship Abroad Programs

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We are Recognized

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