Apr 3, 2018

Study and Go Abroad Fair 2018



This last February and March, we attended the spring annual Study and Go Abroad Fair in Vancouver and Toronto. The fair attracts young Canadians who are interested in programs such as gap year, work abroad, and internship abroad. Whether students or recent graduates are looking to gain professional experience or to take a break from their school year, they can find a variety of organizations or schools that offer an extensive list of opportunities. This event is great for you and your friends, classmates or parents to find out how you can experience life abroad.

Our Stepabroad reps had an incredible time meeting everyone at the Study and Go Abroad Fair. They were very impressed and excited to see how many young Canadians are seeking opportunities to work, study or live abroad. Many were eager to plan ahead of time and ask great questions about the benefits and services provided with the Working Holiday and Internship Abroad programs.


During the fair, we were able to connect with attendees ranging from high school, university and graduate students.

Our most popular program was our Working Holiday program, as most were looking to take some time off and work abroad for a period of time. Since we include the arrangement of your accommodation, visa assistance, job placement and an extensive support system prior to and during your trip, we take the stress of planning off your hands and let you focus on getting excited!

Look out for us at the next Study and Go Abroad Fair this fall, 2018! 

Want to know what it’s like to live abroad? Wonder how you can work and travel at the same time? Why not travel and make extra money to supplement your travel expenses? Participate in our Working Holiday program to start your adventure abroad. Work and travel in Chile, New Zealand, Australia or Japan and gain a new perspective of the world! 

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