Stepabroad's working holiday program gives young Canadians the opportunity to work and travel abroad.

Working Holiday

Imagine relaxing after work on the white-sand beaches of Australia or dining on savoury ramen noodles in Japan. Unwinding on a day off with a bike tour through the wineries of Chile or stargazing in the open skies of New Zealand. All of this is possible with Stepabroad’s work abroad opportunities for young Canadians which allow you to work and travel the world. Experience the thrill of travel while working to fund your trip through our working holiday program for Canadians – our expert team does the planning and paperwork, while all you have to do is work, play, repeat.

Worldwide Destinations

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Tailored for young Canadians who are eager to improve their professional skills or complement their education while gaining international work experience, the internship program for Canadians will allow you to work abroad in New Zealand, Chile, and Japan. International internships provide a career advantage that ensures your résumé and credentials stand out, and prove you are adaptive, connected and globally aware. Not only will you experience a career-boosting opportunity, but also the chance to immerse yourself in a new and vibrant culture – a true win-win.

Worldwide Destinations

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Stepabroad's internship program gives young Canadians the opportunity to work abroad.

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Stepabroad has a stress-free, established and trusted reputation for guiding Canadians through the process of moving overseas for the chance to work abroad and experience a new culture. The numbers paint the picture.







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Stepabroad is a Vancouver-based international job placement agency that provides young people across Canada the opportunity to work and travel abroad.

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A Vancouver-based work and travel placement agency that manages every aspect of internships and working holidays. We provide young people across Canada the opportunity to work abroad while traveling the world. As one of the fastest-growing travel agencies in the country, we provide an all-inclusive service that removes the stress and uncertainties of planning a trip to work abroad.

Thanks to our Recognized Organization (RO) status designated by IEC (International Experience Canada), we can Canadian youth safely and securely go abroad for work and travel experiences.

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