UK Send-Off Package

Stepabroad’s UK Send-Off Package will make your dream of living in the UK a reality by helping you obtain your UK Working Holiday Visa and guiding you through the essentials needed to live in the UK.

Start Dates



1 - 36 months



Program Overview

Moving to a new country can be complicated but our team of experts makes it seamless and stress-free. With our UK Send-Off Package, you will leave Canada feeling prepared and confident to begin your working holiday in the UK. We guide you step-by-step through all of the documents and processes needed to begin living and working in the UK.

The first step of this support package is direct assistance with your working holiday visa application. Once your visa has been approved, your work and travel advisor will provide a one-on-one pre-departure orientation to help set you up with everything required to start your life in the UK – as well as a wealth of other helpful information and resources to ensure you start your working holiday off on the right foot!

What’s Included


  • Step-by-step UK working holiday visa application support – feeling confused?Leave it to us, we’re experts!
  • Personal work and travel advisor to prompt you through the process of preparing for your departure
  • UK Work Guide with job search tips, and industry-specific resources for finding a job
  • Comprehensive one-on-one orientation before your departure
  • Detailed info pack on everything you need to know for living and working in the UK

In Country

  • UK sim card that is active as soon as you enter the UK
  • UK bank account recommendations and advice on moving money into your new account
  • Assistance obtaining your National Insurance Number
  • Assistance finding short and long-term accommodation
  • On-going support from your designated work & travel advisor for the duration of your trip
  • Tax filing assistance

The Fun Stuff!

  • Invitation to join Stepabroad’s private Facebook group to meet other Stepmates in the UK
  • Experience living and traveling throughout the United Kingdom and Europe!

What’s Not Included:

Flights, medical insurance, visa and/or work permit application fees, local transportation, food & rent.

What Will I Do?

With a UK working holiday visa, you are allowed to work in any job from a casual short term gig to a full-time position for up to three years. Unlike some other working holiday visas, the UK working holiday visa has no work restrictions, making it easier to land a job in your career field. Like in Canada, the job you land will be a reflection of your qualifications and previous work experience.

Possible Working Holiday Jobs

  • Hospitality, Pubs and Cafes
  • Tourism, Events and Promotions
  • Housekeeping, Au Pair, Labour
  • Sales, Marketing and Communications
  • Retail and Sustomer Service
  • Engineering, IT, Sciences
  • Freelance
  • Camp Jobs

Want to Learn More?

Interested to chat with us to learn which program is right for you?

Let’s Get Started!

You can start at any time of the year. We typically ask for three month’s notice before you plan to leave Canada so you can make the most of our support preparing you for your adventure abroad. Want to leave sooner? No problem, we’ll put your services on high-priority!

Want More?

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Get the perfect introduction into British culture in one of the most iconic cities in the world. Make new friends, explore London and get set up for life in the city.

Camp Job

Stepabroad’s Camp Job Program helps Canadians get set up in camp jobs abroad across England, Scotland, and Wales for the adventure of a lifetime!

Optional Services

Medical insurance isn't a nice to have, it's a must. We can help organize your medical insurance to ensure you arrive fully prepared and raring to go on your working holiday adventure.


Can I work remotely for my Canadian employer while living in the UK on a Tier 5 Youth Mobility Visa?

Remote work is permitted on the Youth Mobility Visa, as long as you have full work rights in Canada that allow you to continue employment with your current company. However, you may wish to look into how this will affect your personal tax returns in each country. Unfortunately, Stepabroad is not an expert in that field, but there are plenty of accountants in both the UK and Canada who will be able to answer your tax questions!

How much should I have saved for my trip?

As part of your application, you will need to show proof that you have access to at least $4,500 CAD to support yourself when you first land in the UK. However, if you plan to travel around before settling into a job, having additional funds saved will help to alleviate the financial pressure of finding a position immediately after you arrive.

What kind of jobs can I do?

There are very few restrictions on this visa, but you cannot work as a sports professional on your Youth Mobility Scheme Visa. Also, some highly skilled professionals may not be able to work in their field without transferring their licenses to the UK for insurance purposes. Past participants have found work in various sectors, including retail, hospitality, tourism, administration, marketing and finance.