Working Holiday Visa Japan

Historically rich, and culturally vibrant, there is nowhere quite like Japan. A Working Holiday Visa Japan is all you need to discover this enchanting country. Stepabroad’s Japan Working Holiday Programs help Canadians get on the adventure of a lifetime in the Land of the Rising Sun. We’ll help you out with your Japan visa requirements and everything else to get you settled. Are you ready to step into the next chapter of your life?


Capital city: Tokyo
Currency: ¥ (JPY)
Language: Japanese
Population: 123,187,792
Transportation: Efficient & Innovative
Land area: 377,970 km²
Area code: +81
Time zone: +9 GMT


Stepabroad Programs provide you with everything you need to start your life in Japan. While there are a number of visa options available to Canadian citizens, each visa comes with certain requirements and limitations. Whether you’re hoping to move to Japan permanently, or simply explore life in a new city, working holiday visas can be the perfect solution.

Immerse Yourself

A working holiday visa offers a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in this country and its culture and to “test the waters” before committing to a longer-term stay. The process of getting everything set up has never been easier with the help of your dedicated companions here at Stepabroad. Our team will help you with every step of the process, to make your journey as smooth as possible! Here’s an overview of which visas are available to help you choose the most suitable for you:


1. Tourist Visa (Temporary Visitor Visa):

This visa is suitable for tourists planning to visit Japan for sightseeing, leisure, or visiting friends and family. The visa is typically valid for 15, 30, or 90 days. In fact, as a Canadian citizen, you can enter Japan as a tourist without obtaining a visa in advance. Upon arrival, you’ll receive a “landing permission” stamp in your passport, which allows you to stay for a specified period. However, be sure to meet the entry requirements, including having a return ticket and sufficient funds for your stay.


2. Working Holiday Visa Japan:

The Working Holiday Visa allows Canadian citizens aged 18 to 30 to work and travel in Japan for a specified period. This period is usually six months to one year. This visa is designed to promote cultural exchange between the two countries. However, the availability and conditions of the Working Holiday Visa can vary. For this reason, it’s important to check the latest information from the Japanese embassy or consulate. Stepaborad specializes in assisting Canadians with their Japan visa requirements.


3. Student Visa:

If you’re planning to study in Japan, you’ll need a Student Visa. This visa is suitable for individuals enrolled in educational institutions in Japan. To obtain a Student Visa, you usually need to be accepted by a recognized educational institution. In addition to this, you must provide proof of sufficient funds to cover your tuition fees and living expenses.


4. Other Visa Categories:

There are several other visa categories for various purposes, including work visas, cultural activities, research, journalism, and more. Additionally, each category has its own set of requirements and conditions. Alternatively, a Working Holiday Visa is a great way to test the waters if you’re thinking of moving long-term.


Things Can Change


It’s important to note that visa requirements and application processes can change. Through our partnership with International Experience Canada, Stepabroad takes great pride in assisting Canadian citizens to obtain their Japan Working Holiday visa. It is imperative to note that a visitor’s visa does not enable you to work, which makes a Japanese working holiday visa the easiest way to dive head-first into the Japanese lifestyle. It’s our mission to make that happen!


Why do a Working Holiday in Japan

If you’re considering applying for a Japan Working Holiday Visa, you’re about to embark on the greatest adventure. Japan offers a mesmerizing blend of ancient tradition and modern technology, awe-inspiring landscapes, delicious food, and friendly people. Maybe you’ve already had a small taste on a holiday. Perhaps you’ve always dreamed of living here. Either way, doing a working holiday in Japan gives you all the time you need to soak it all in.

Witness the magic of the sakura (cherry blossom) season in the spring and revel in the lively summer matsuri (festivals). Enjoy the tranquillity at popular destinations when crowds thin out in the fall. Soar down powdery slopes of Hokkaido’s ski resorts in the winter. A Working Holiday in Japan allows you to experience life like a local, make lifelong friendships, and improve your Japanese language skills. Stepabroad guides you through the process of acquiring your visa, allowing you to pursue your dream of experiencing life in Japan.

Want to Learn More?

Interested to learn more about our Japan Working Holiday Visa Programs? Get in touch and one of our travel coordinators will get back to you to help start planning your Japan Working Holiday Adventure & obtaining your Japan Work Visa!

Stepabroad Guidance

With our guidance, you won’t have any issues dealing with Japan visa requirements or getting set up in the country. Japan is a truly inspiring place to visit. With so many breathtaking places to explore, we’re sure you’d agree that a holiday is simply not enough. So get your visa, pack your bags, and let’s plan a Japan working holiday.

Japan Visa Requirements (Working Holiday)

The Japanese government has a number of requirements that must be met in order to apply for a Japan Working Holiday Visa. Your personal Stepabroad travel advisor will walk you through the application steps in more detail and ensure you provide the correct documentation. The Japan visa requirements are as follows:


  • A Canadian citizen currently residing in Canada
  • Hold a Canadian passport
  • Between 18 and 30 years old at the time of application
  • Can prove the Canadian equivalent of $3,500 CAD or more to support your trip
  • Provide round-trip flight information or sufficient funds to purchase one
  • You are in good health
  • A clean criminal record
  • Planning a trip of up to 12 months
  • Have never previously held a Japan Working Holiday Visa


It is worth noting that, as a Canadian citizen, it is possible to enter Japan on a 90-day tourist visa. This visa is obtainable on entry to the country, with proof of finances and exit flight or finances to buy one. However, this form of visa does not enable you to earn money or engage in business-related activities. Canadian citizens wishing to work in Japan must obtain a visa.

Japan Working Holiday Programs


1 - 12 months


Japan Send-Off Package

Our Send-Off Package provides Canadians with step-by-step working holiday visa application support and a one-on-one pre-departure orientation (via video call) with all the information you need to know for living, working, and travelling in Japan.


1 - 12 months


Japan Kickstart Package

Start your Japan adventure experiencing living in Tokyo, Kyoto, or Fukuoka for two weeks! Take Japanese language and cultural courses to gain a deeper understanding of Japan and participate in fun organized social events to get into the swing of Japan-life.

mid-November - April

6 months


Japan Ski Resort

Imagine spending your days off work gliding through Japan’s legendary powder at the country’s top ski destination. On our Japan Ski Resort Program, land a guaranteed ski resort job in Japan and enjoy the famous Japow every day!


What are the most popular cities to live in in Japan?

Japan has something for everyone! Additionally, Tokyo is one of the most popular cities as it is the center of activity and also has a huge variety of employment opportunities. Moreover, Kyoto is a quieter, more cultural hub. Furthermore, near Kyoto, Osaka has become very popular recently as well due to its friendly residents and vibrant food scene. In fact, the cost of living in Kyoto is about 30% less than in Tokyo. On the other hand, other popular options are affordable seaside Fukuoka or the northern island of Hokkaido’s ski resorts- both for incredible powder and great jobs!

Do I need to live in Canada to apply for this visa?

Yes, Japan requires that you are a current resident of Canada at the time of application, and you are only able to apply through the consulates here in Canada.

How can Stepabroad help me with my move to Japan?

We can help with plenty! Your personal travel coordinator will walk you through the visa application process step by step and review all of your documents to ensure they meet standards. Then, we provide a complete one-on-one pre-departure orientation reviewing everything from how to set up a bank account, transport, travel, and more. What’s more, we can connect you with reliable accommodations, and arrange language classes – just ask!

How long can I work in Japan?

A Japan working holiday visa entitles you to a total of a maximum of 12 months living and working in Japan. The initial visa grants Canadian citizens 6 months of living and working in the country. However, the Immigration Authorities in Japan may extend this up to 12 months. Once your initial visa ends, there are a number of other long-term visas available to Canadian citizens who wish to live and work in Japan. Some of our past clients have gone on to receive work-sponsored visas, skilled labour visas, partner visas and investor/business manager visas. In fact, after 10 years, Canadian citizens qualify for permanent residence in Japan. Therefore, a Japanese Working Holiday Visa offers a rare opportunity to have an immersive taste of what gives this unique country its soul.

Is it worth obtaining a Japan Visa and working in Japan?

A Japan working holiday visa is a unique and empowering opportunity to immerse yourself in Japanese culture while building your resume. Unlike a regular holiday visa, a working vacation allows you to truly experience the country. Moreover, whether you’re a recent graduate or at a pivotal point in your life, this could set the stage for your future. In conclusion, a Japan working holiday visa offers a rare chance to gain an immersive taste of what makes this country so special.

How expensive is it to live and work in Japan?

The initial costs of getting set up in Japan will be an investment in your future. The cost of living is around $1,500 – $4,300 (123,200 JPY – 347,000 JPY) Per Month. Moreover, the average salary across Japan is just over $3,500 per month, so you can rest assured that you’ll be living comfortably. Moving abroad will always require some initial investment, but it is definitely worth it. With the right guidance, living and working in Japan should be a sustainable financial investment and a memorable chapter in your life.