We’re Stepabroad, a leading internship and working holiday placement agency passionate about helping you obtain personal and professional growth with work abroad experiences.

Stepabroad gives Canadians, typically between the ages of 18 and 35, the chance to experience work and travel in four destinations around the globe. As one of Canada’s fastest-growing travel agencies based in downtown Vancouver, Stepabroad coordinates every aspect of the work and travel process.

We offer international internships and working holidays for young Canadians, providing the chance to gain the unparalleled growth and development that comes from travel – something that also stands out to potential employers upon your return.

Our agency is here to guide and support our working travelers and interns from the moment they decide to leave, throughout their stay, until they return home. We are here to provide a safe, enriching and beneficial experience – one that will remain with them for a lifetime.

Stepabroad is recognized and certified by the Government of Canada, and thanks to our Recognized Organization (RO) status designated by IEC (International Experience Canada), we are proud to help Canadians experience the world while they gain valuable international work experience. Our inbound department, Stepwest, is also available to help foreign youth come to Canada for work and travel experiences.


Our mission is to provide exceptional, life-changing travel and work experiences to Canadian youth.

We know first-hand the value of travel – of seeing the world, experiencing new cultures and meeting new people, and what it means for building character in a young person. We aim to facilitate the process for young Canadians, to ensure they have the chance to live their dreams, from the coast of South America to the mountains of Japan, and to develop an adaptive and culturally knowledgeable generation ready to succeed in the workforce both today and tomorrow.

Our Vision

Stepabroad wants to be the leader in Canada for internships and work experiences abroad by providing Canadian youth of all backgrounds with opportunities for personal, career and cultural growth through affordable, all-inclusive work experiences.

We see a future where we can empower young Canadians, regardless of socioeconomic status, to work and travel anywhere on the globe cost-effectively, and foster the latest technology to share their experiences with others both in Canada and around the world.

Our Values

We value the benefits of work and education, but at our core, it is the young people we are fortunate to work with that is our central focus. Our singular goal is to create the best possible experience – one that enriches and inspires. We want to take the stress out of travel and make it possible for young Canadians to live and work abroad, to grow professionally and personally, and we know just how beneficial travel is to that process.


We know the nuts and bolts, the fine details and not-so-fun paperwork that is required, and manage all of those details to ensure our young clients have access to the experience of a lifetime.


The best way of achieving professional success in a global career is through strong inter-cultural knowledge and learning, which is why our programs’ orientation includes cultural training and practical knowledge necessary to help you in your immersion process.


Designed with affordability in mind, our programs allow Canadian youth, of any economic background, to enrich their careers while earning spending money or credits toward their graduation.


We offer one of the most diverse and extensive internship placement networks available. Explore our placements and discover how you can launch your career abroad.


From the moment you begin your application process to your pre-departure seminar, Stepabroad is available to help prepare you and offer ongoing support when you need it.

Stepabroad is excited and ready to embark on this journey abroad with you!

Our Mandate

We want to provide Canadian youth the extraordinary opportunity to travel to a new country and gain work experience.

Through these experiences, we aim to help youth immerse themselves in a new culture and eventually grow into mature and well-developed citizens who will be active and engaged members of their communities.

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