We’re Stepabroad, we provide working holiday and international internship opportunities to Canadians. We are passionate about helping you obtain personal and professional growth with work abroad experiences.

Stepabroad is a trusted, recognized and certified organization by the Government of Canada. We give young Canadians the opportunity to experience work and travel in destinations around the globe. As one of Canada’s fastest-growing travel agencies, based in downtown Vancouver, Stepabroad coordinates every aspect of the work and travel process for Canadians across the country.

Thanks to our Recognized Organization (RO) status designated by IEC (International Experience Canada), we are proud to help Canadians experience the world while they gain valuable international work experience. Our international internships and working holidays provide young Canadians with the unparalleled growth and development that comes from travel – something that also stands out to potential employers upon your return. Our inbound department, Stepwest, is also available to help foreign youth come to Canada for work and travel experiences.

We guide and support you from the moment you decide to leave, throughout your stay, until you return home. We are here to provide a safe, enriching and beneficial experience – one that will remain with you for a lifetime.

Our Team

Stepabroad is recognized and certified by the Government of Canada, and we are proud to helps Canadians experience the world. Each of us has done our own working holidays, resulting in a desire to help others experience the enriching and life -changing experiences that comes from living, working, and travelling abroad.


Countries lived/worked:

Ireland & France


Countries lived/worked:

Austria, New Zealand & South Korea


Countries lived/worked:

Australia, Chile & France


Countries lived/worked:



Countries lived/worked:

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Stepabroad wants to be the leader in Canada for internships and work experiences abroad by providing Canadian youth of all backgrounds with opportunities for personal, career and cultural growth through affordable, all-inclusive work experiences.

We see a future where we can empower young Canadians, regardless of socioeconomic status, to work and travel anywhere on the globe cost-effectively, and foster the latest technology to share their experiences with others both in Canada and around the world.

Our Values

Culturally Aware Value

Cultural Awareness

We help young Canadian’s, like you, step out into the world so that you can play a positive role as a global citizen by becoming more culturally aware and understanding.

Passionate value

Passion & Adventure

We are passionate about helping you break out of your comfort zone and into the world. We are dedicated to helping you begin the best adventure of your life for an experience that enriches and inspires.

Genuine Support Value

Genuine Support

We are just like you, we eat, sleep, and travel! Each member of our team is an experienced traveller and can relate to the jitters and excitement that come along with moving abroad. We are here for you every step of the way!

Experience Focused Value

Experience Focused

We make it possible for young Canadians to work and travel around the globe. Our focus is to create the best possible international experience to help you grow professionally and personally.

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