Spain Working Holiday

Spain: land of the bright, bold, and extremely delicious. Famous for welcoming people, exceptional weather, and incredible cuisine, Spain is a dream destination for any Canadian looking for a culturally immersive working holiday.

Why do a Working Holiday in Spain

A working holiday in Spain gives you the chance to truly embrace Spanish time, by which we mean drawn-out lunches and late-night dinners, flamenco dancing, sangria drinking and, of course, travelling.

The Youth Mobility Program between Canada and Spain means that Canadians can live and work in Spain for up to two years. The icing on the cake? Spain enjoys year-round sunshine, meaning you can apply and leave for Spain at any time of year.

Stepabroad will guide you through the process of moving to Spain, so you can focus on planning all the fun stuff, like where to start your adventure – lively Madrid, cosmopolitan Barcelona, or charming Granada – then choose where you would like to settle in for your year-long work and travel adventure.


The Spanish government has a number of requirements that must be met in order to apply for the Youth Mobility Visa for Spain. Your personal Stepabroad travel advisor will help you navigate the application steps and ensure you provide the correct documentation. The requirements are as follows:

  • A Canadian citizen and current resident between 18 and 35 with a valid passport
  • No criminal record and in good health
  • Sufficient funds to support yourself on your travels
  • Approximately $3,500 CAD in savings

Spain Working Holiday Programs


1 - 12 months


Spain Send-Off Package

Ready to work and travel in Spain? Our Send-Off Package will help you make the big move. Your personal adviser will guide you through every step of the process, from visa support to the ‘life admin’ of setting up in Spain, ensuring you arrive fully prepared to start your Working Holiday.


2 weeks


Kick-Start Spain

Our Kick-Start Spain Program gives you the opportunity to experience living in Madrid, Barcelona or Granada! We’ll set you up with two weeks of Spanish language lessons and fun organized social events; a ‘Becoming Local 101’ crash course, if you will.


1 - 24 months

From CAD$499

UK Working Holiday

No, it's not Spain. But it makes the perfect combo for one epic European working holiday adventure! We can organize your UK Working Holiday Visa while you are in Spain so that you can move to the UK as soon as your time in Spain ends.


Where are good places to live in Spain on a working holiday?

There are no wrong choices when it comes to living in Spain, it just depends on what you enjoy and the experience you are hoping to have! For party animals, head to the islands of Mallorca or Ibiza and get a job as a club rep. Beach bums can also experience a quieter version of Mediterranean island life in Baleares or the Canarias. Those looking for authentic European city life could try Barcelona or Madrid, while anyone hoping to immerse themselves in traditional Spanish culture might decide to head south to Sevilla, Granada or Cordoba. Passionate about Gastronomy? Head north to the hidden gem Pais Vasco and pick up a few amazing recipes! Nature lovers have the opportunity to live remotely and explore Spain’s 16 national parks. The opportunities are endless!

What is life like in Spain?

Awesome! Spanish culture is very different from Canadian living, and sometimes that can take a little getting used to. In Spain, people live life to the fullest and enjoy taking their time so patience is important. The people are generally friendly, warm and welcoming, and most will be excited to share their language, country and cuisine with you. The streets are full of life, regardless of the time of day and many restaurants, bars, and pubs have beautiful outside patios. Enjoying a sangria or a cerveza San Miguel with delicious tapas on a hot summer night is an iconic Spanish moment in any part of the country. Most participants find that living in Spain teaches them to be more confident, as daily life is very social! If you are worried about your language skills, just tell the locals that you are Canadian and that will be a great conversation starter!

Can I visit other countries in Europe while living in Spain?

Of course! You are permitted to come and go as often as you please while living in Spain. Citizens of Canada are permitted to visit other countries in the Schengen area for up to 90 days at a time without applying for a visa. However, remember that you will not be permitted to work in another European country unless you apply for a separate work permit.