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We have created this page to tell you a little bit more about us and what we do. We’ll also answer some common questions and concerns about your child’s interest in going abroad on one of our programs.

Who are we exactly?

Based out of our office in Vancouver, BC, Stepabroad is a recognized organization of the Canadian government’s International Experience Canada (IEC) division. IEC gives Canadian youth the opportunity to experience work and travel in over 30 countries around the world through a Youth Mobility Agreement. This agreement allows foreigners from participating countries to come to Canada, and Canadians to go to their countries in exchange. You are allowed to use a Youth Mobility Visa in every participating country once in your life between the ages of 18 and 30 or 35 to experience work and travel abroad. It’s an opportunity we’re very lucky to have as Canadians.

IEC has selected a number of organizations to help young Canadians plan their trip abroad, which they call Recognized Organizations. Stepabroad is very proud to be one of those ROs! You can read more about the other ROs here. You may have even come across our sister company, Stepwest, which assists foreigners who come to Canada for work and travel experiences on Youth Mobility visas.

Support every step of the way.

We are here to help program participants every step of the way, from preparing for their departure, to what will happen when they arrive, and throughout their entire trip until they return home safe to Canada.

We partner with well-established local organizations in each destination country that provide support and services from the moment your child lands until their departure. This way, they have our familiar team helping them throughout the entire process here in Canada, as well as an English-speaking team in their destination who can provide them with specialized knowledge and support throughout their time abroad. We work very closely with these local organizations to ensure their services meet our standards and that each program participant is provided personalized support.


How does Stepabroad help?

Pre-departure preparation

As travellers ourselves, we know everything that needs to be done prior to leaving Canada. Everything from unlocking your cell phone, to wire transferring money into your new bank account, packing lists, emergency information, tips for buying flights, and much more. We can make recommendations for travel insurance, help you choose a flight and walk you step-by-step through the visa application process. In our programs, we provide more than just a checklist and access to a job board. We’ve got all the details covered so you don’t need to worry if you’ve missed anything.

Resume revisions

A fundamental part of landing a job abroad is having a sharp resume. As part of our program, our team will work on your child’s resume to make sure it stands out to hiring managers and aligns with the standard template in their destination country.

First, we provide participants with a resume writing guide, then spend time making revisions and ensuring it is a professional and accurate representation of their skills, qualifications and work experience. We know a strong resume that makes a great first impression is a valuable tool for any young person’s success in the early stages of their career, which is why it’s a critical part of our program services.

Individualized attention

Our program participants receive one-on-one consultations to help them plan the travel and work abroad experience they’ve been dreaming of. In addition to our official service offering, we welcome participants to reach out to us with questions, requests for recommendations or curiosities! We know that each person’s experience abroad is unique, which is why our support is too.

Depending on the program, our team will find participants a personalized job placement or equip them with the resources and tools to successfully land a job when they choose to during their trip. We don’t slot participants in a rotating roster of positions, we take care to find a work experience as unique as the individual!

Integrated social events

Depending on the program, we offer a number of opportunities for our participants to meet other young travellers from around the globe at the beginning of their trip. This makes the transition abroad easier and helps them build a network of connections and friends they will have for a lifetime.

Get in Touch!

If you would like to speak with us directly you can call our Vancouver office at 1 (778) 512-7837 or choose a time to receive a free call from us when it works best for you!


Where Will My Child Live?

Depending on the program they choose, they will have options to live with a host family, in a shared house or flat, in a dorm, or even in a long-term hostel. In some of our programs, our partner will provide a few options to choose from, in other programs we provide participants with the best resources for finding their own accommodation. We offer our suggestions and advice for finding the perfect place to live, and can always provide additional assistance if someone is having a hard time finding somewhere to live. We give our participants the choice to find somewhere to live that best suits them and the experience they are looking to have.

Where Will My Child Work?

This depends on the program and we suggest you get in touch with us if you are unsure what type of work experience your child is applying for. Our working holiday program jobs range from ski resorts to surf schools to hotels and youth camps. Typically, working holiday jobs are casual positions that are temporary in nature. Typical jobs that working holiday travellers find include working in a cafe, restaurant, supermarket, retail shop or doing construction. In general, the types of casual jobs that participants have done in Canada are the same types of jobs they will have the most successful landing while abroad.

What Does the Program Fee Cover?

The program fee pays for all the services and support we provide that help our participants arrange their experience abroad. Basic services that are included in all programs are a step-by-step work visa guide and assistance navigating the application process, a resume writing guide and professional revision services, assistance finding long-term accommodation, a thorough pre-departure orientation, a welcome orientation upon arrival and ongoing in-country support throughout the program.

On top of the basic services, each program offers different levels of job and arrival support which changes the price of each program. Check out our individual program pages or ask us for more details on what’s included in each specific program.

In addition, the program fee covers our marketing and operating costs. Our partnership agreements with local agencies remove the need to staff and operate international offices. After a bit of research, you may notify our program fees are much more competitive than other program providers because of this.

What Is the Financial Commitment?

Depending on the program and destination country, the average financial commitment is a few thousand dollars. Participants will need to pay for their work visa, round trip flights, accommodation, food and entertainment expenses. To prevent travelers from running out of money, all countries that issue a youth mobility visa have financial requirements between $2,500 and $5,000 in their local currency to be approved for the visa.

What About Health Care?

In the event your child needs medical attention while abroad, they will need to be covered by travel medical insurance to cover the costs. We have a few providers we can recommend, however, we also encourage you to do some research to ensure the policy you choose is the right one for your child. If they are not covered by insurance, the medical bills could be very costly. In some cases, customs and immigration may not let them enter the country without pre-arranged health insurance.

Will My Child Be Safe?

Stepabroad’s first and foremost concern is the safety of our participants. We only offer programs in countries that are safe for young travellers and are committed to continually assessing our programs including the services offered via our in-country partners.