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    How Canadians Can Apply For A Working Holiday: Australia

    Have you been saving up for months to travel to Australia? Wait no longer! A working holiday visa will allow you to get a job in Australia to pay off your travel expenses! Working holiday visas allow young Canadians to work in other countries for up to a year without the need for a pre-arranged work contract…

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    Working Holiday: A Day in the Life

    We’re back with another post in our Stepabroad Stories series! Today we’re featuring Geneviève Latour who is currently working abroad on a working holiday in Chile. What is a working holiday exactly? It’s the name for the type of visa that grants young travellers a work permit to supplement travel funds with employment, usually in a…

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    Geneviève’s Working Holiday in Chile

      Welcome to Stepabroad Stories! Stepabroad Stories showcase our amazing participants who want to inspire and share their stories with you! Today we are introducing Geneviève Latour, from Quebec, Canada. She is currently part of our Working Holiday program in Chile and is located in the town of Castro for the first portion of her working holiday experience…

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    Study and Go Abroad Fair 2018

      This last February and March, we attended the spring annual Study and Go Abroad Fair in Vancouver and Toronto. The fair attracts young Canadians who are interested in programs such as gap year, work abroad, and internship abroad. Whether students or recent graduates are looking to gain professional experience or to take a break from their…

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    How Canadians Can Apply For A Working Holiday: Chile

    Wondering how YOU can apply for a Working Holiday Visa for Chile? If you are an 18 to 35 year-old Canadian passport holder, then you came to the right place! Planning to work and travel abroad requires some crucial planning. Having a Stepabroad Coordinator will take away some of that stressful planning for you! Let…

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    How Canadians Can Apply For A Working Holiday: Japan

    Wondering what a Working Holiday Visa is all about? International Experience Canada has made agreements with 33 countries to allow young Canadians an opportunity to work while traveling in these countries. The visa for a Working Holiday in Japan gives those who are eager to learn about Japanese culture the freedom to make some extra cash to…

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