Our working holiday programs give young Canadians the chance to work and travel, allowing you to fund your trip so you can explore the world for longer. Stepabroad provides personal support tailored to your needs, and helpful resources for a safe, seamless, and fun transition abroad.

Why do a Working Holiday?

A working holiday means you can leave for your trip sooner because you don’t need to save up as much before you depart. As well, you will get the unique opportunity to experience life like a local while you work to help fund your adventures. This opportunity is limited to Canadians under 35 – so do it while you still can!

Discover the World

Be more than a tourist and fully immerse yourself in a new country – the people, culture, and food!

Fund your Travel Dreams

Working abroad will help fund your trip of a lifetime so you can travel longer and sooner

Meet New Friends

Expand your social network by creating close bonds with friendly people from all over the world.


Life Changing Experience

You will come back a changed person, you’re only regret will be that you didn’t go sooner!

Working Holiday Programs

We are Recognized

We are Recognized

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