Stepabroad Terms & Conditions

Program Conditions

Before purchasing any STEPABROAD program, you must accept the following program Terms & Conditions, Cancellation and Refund Policy. If you have any questions about these documents, please contact STEPABROAD at

Please read the following very carefully. Submitting an application will constitute acceptance of the following Terms & Conditions and Cancellation Policy. On receipt of your program payment, subject to availability and at STEPABROAD’s discretion, STEPABROAD will accept your reservation on your selected program. A contract is only made between you and STEPABROAD upon your program payment being confirmed and accepted by STEPABROAD.


The application to STEPABROAD’s programs requires the collection of personal information including your date of birth, residential address, resume and your passport number which is used solely to determine program eligibility, and eligibility for foreign work permits. This information is not sold or shared with any third parties.

Personal information may be shared with our overseas partners in order to arrange your job applications, accommodation, and other in-country support services offered as part of your STEPABROAD program.

Macro-level participant information not specific to any individual may be shared with the Government of Canada for research purposes and/or statistics on travel among Canadian youth. This includes information on gender, age, residing province/territory, destination travelled to, duration of stay overseas, program purpose, program type (internship or working holiday), and industries worked.

By submitting your application you provide express consent for STEPABROAD to use your information for the above-mentioned purposes. You may withdraw your consent to share your information with the Government of Canada by emailing your program coordinator or and letting us know your preferences. Withdrawing your consent will not disqualify your application or affect your program participation in any way.

Terms and Conditions

I, being the person applying for a STEPABROAD program, hereby agree that my application to, and participation in, a STEPABROAD program as operated by STEPABROAD, shall be governed by the following Terms and Conditions:

  1. I agree that I have a Canadian passport that is, and will continue to be, valid for the length of time required by the foreign government to which I am applying for a visa.
  2. I meet all of the eligibility requirements and visa conditions for the program for which I am applying. Questions regarding your eligibility for the visa of your choice may be directed to Requirements and visa conditions can be found in the links below:
    1. Australia Working Holiday visa
    2. Chile Working Holiday visa
    3. Japan Working Holiday visa
    4. New Zealand Working Holiday visa
    5. United Kingdom Working Holiday visa
    6. Spain Working Holiday Visa
  3. My departure from Canada to the destination country will be within 12 months of my registration date, otherwise my participation on the affected STEPABROAD program will be considered expired and no refund will be given.
  4. I am required to submit all requested application documentation in a timely manner, as advised by STEPABROAD. I understand that once applications are submitted to the appropriate government agency for processing, delays can occur. STEPABROAD will not be held responsible, financially or otherwise, for any problems caused by delays that are out of STEPABROAD’s control.
  5. STEPABROAD has no control over the decision of the Consulate of the intended destination country to issue a visa.
  6. The information provided by STEPABROAD on its website and written materials is accurate as of March 2019. I accept that foreign governments may change rules, regulations, and other changes that may affect STEPABROAD’s programs after this date, and this is beyond STEPABROAD’s control. STEPABROAD will do its utmost to update participants on any changes and I agree to cooperate with STEPABROAD if such changes occur.
  7. STEPABROAD reserves the right to deny participation on any program at STEPABROAD’s discretion.
  8. STEPABROAD makes no representation or warranty of any kind, expressed or implied, as to the suitability of the program for the Participant, and STEPABROAD disclaims all such warranties to the full extent of the law.
  9. STEPABROAD reserves the right to dismiss me from a STEPABROAD program if, in its best judgment, I am deemed to be a danger to myself or to others, or if my conduct is deemed to be detrimental to the program in any way. In the event of such a dismissal, STEPABROAD will not be held responsible for any resulting expenses I may incur, and no refunds will be given.
  10. STEPABROAD reserves the right to alter or terminate a program at any time. Affected participants are entitled to an immediate refund of some or all monies paid for services not rendered.
  11. I agree that if I have any dependents, have been denied a visa previously, have overstayed a visa or been deported from a country, have been convicted of a crime, have a criminal record, or have any charges pending, I will divulge all of this information to STEPABROAD in my application. I understand that this may make me ineligible to participate on a STEPABROAD program.
  12. Information related to the application to a STEPABROAD program is privileged and will not be divulged to third-parties, including but not limited to, family members and friends.
  13. I am responsible for reading the information and abiding by the guidelines contained in the STEPABROAD Visa Application Guide and Pre-Departure Orientation, provided as part of STEPABROAD programs.
  14. I agree to take with me the minimum proof of funds required by the government of the relevant destination country.
  15. I will notify STEPABROAD of any serious medical conditions I have or if I have travelled within the last five years to any countries that are considered medium or high risk, as this may cause delays in obtaining a visa. This may require additional actions such as, but not limited to, getting x-rays and health checks. I understand that this will be at my own expense.
  16. I agree that STEPABROAD is not responsible for my health and safety before, during, and after the program. Furthermore, STEPABROAD is not responsible for any outstanding financial obligations such as, but not limited to, telephone bills, loans, or rent accrued during my time as a STEPABROAD program participant.
  17. I agree that I will obtain medical travel insurance that will cover me for the entire duration of the STEPABROAD program for which I am registered. Participants who are otherwise adequately covered with international medical insurance may be exempt from this requirement as long as proof of coverage is demonstrated. I am solely responsible if my insurance coverage expires while I am abroad.
  18. I will be responsible for all travel, outside of specified STEPABROAD program inclusions. All travels before, during, and after my STEPABROAD program will be at my own risk and expense.
  19. I agree to abide by the Terms and Conditions set by STEPABROAD’s relevant partner organization(s). If you are unsure of these, please contact STEPABROAD prior to application.
  20. I will abide by all general and local laws of the destination country while I am participating on a STEPABROAD program. Unlawful behaviour may result in expulsion from the STEPABROAD program with no refund given.
  21. STEPABROAD will not be held responsible for any damages, injuries or loss incurred to myself or to other parties by my actions, howsoever or when caused, while participating on a STEPABROAD program.
  22. STEPABROAD shall not be held responsible for delays or failure to provide programs due to force majeure or other causes beyond its control.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

STEPABROAD begins preparing for your program as soon as you are accepted. Upon payment, STEPABROAD programs are non-refundable. Exceptions apply when the applicant is not accepted on a program or when cancellation occurs due to serious personal illness or death of an immediate family member. Official documentation will be required in these circumstances.

Participant Declaration

I agree to act ethically and lawfully at all times while I am a participant on STEPABROAD programs. I know of no reason why I may be refused a work authorization or entry into the destination country. I declare that the statements on my application are true and that any false declaration on my part may result in forfeiture of my place on STEPABROAD programs with no entitlement to any refund of program price or any consequent expenditure. I have read and understood the aforementioned Consent, Terms and Conditions, Cancellation and Refund Policy and I agree to be bound by them.