Australia Send-off Package

Our Australia Working Holiday Send-Off Program offers complete support on your move Down Under. Secure your Australia Working Holiday Visa, find a job, a place to live and tons more!

Start Dates



1 - 36 months



Program Overview

Dreaming of travelling to Australia on a working holiday but not sure how to navigate setting up your new life under the Aussie sun? Forgo the stress and use this package to get set up for success! Our Australia Working Holiday Send-Off Program provides Canadians with a personal trip coordinator to help organize your Australian Working Holiday Visa, job, accommodation and everything you need to begin living, working, and travelling in Australia.

Not only will we walk you through the Working Holiday (subclass 417) Visa application, our travel experts will share our wealth of knowledge and resources with you on the best ways to find a job, a place to live, travel the country, meet fun people and make the experience your own!

What’s Included


  • Personal trip coordinator
  • Step-by-step work permit support so you are able to work throughout Australia
  • Resume review, revisions and an interview preparation guide
  • Comprehensive one-on-one orientation before your departure
  • Detailed info pack on everything you need to know for living, working & travelling Australia

In Country

  • Australian bank account set-up and assistance moving money into your account
  • Assistance finding short and long-term accommodation
  • Information guide and resources to help you find a job in Australia
  • On-going support from our team for the duration of your trip
  • Tax filing assistance for your Australian and Canadian tax returns

The Fun Stuff!

  • Invitation to Stepabroad’s Stepmates Facebook group to meet other participants
  • Choose to add on social activities in Melbourne or Sydney with our Discovery or Adventure Experience programs (additional fee)

What’s Not Included:

Flights, medical insurance, visa and/or work permit application fees, local transportation, food & rent.

What Will I Do?

The Australia Working Holiday Visa allows you to land casual jobs that allow you to work for a short period of time, helping fund your travels around Australia. Our team will sharpen your resume so you stand out to hiring managers and get a job sooner, and more importantly, make money sooner!

Possible Working Holiday Jobs

  • Customer Service
  • Food and Beverage
  • Hospitality
  • Farming and Fruit Picking
  • Cafe and Quick Service
  • Warehouse/General Labour
  • Retail and Sales
  • Landscaping/Gardening
  • Event and Promotions
  • Plus tons more!

Have Questions?

Interested to chat with us to learn which Australia Working Holiday Program is right for you?

Let’s Get Started!

You can start at any time of the year. We typically ask for three month’s notice before you plan to leave Canada so you can make the most of our support preparing you for your adventure abroad. Want to leave sooner? No problem, we’ll put your services on high-priority!

Want More?

Melbourne Discovery Experience

Begin your working holiday in Melbourne, with a personal airport pickup, your first three nights of accommodation taken care of and our team to show you the ins-and-outs the city.

Sydney Adventure Experience

This eight-day program has one adventure after another, including an epic beach-bound road trip. Start your Australian working holiday adventure in Sydney off with a bang!

Surf Camp Add-On

Add a 5-day surf camp to your Australian working holiday experience for the ultimate Australia bucket-list experience and learn to surf in no time!


How much money do you need to go to Australia on a Working Holiday Visa?

The Australian government requires that you show $5000 AUD as proof of funds to support yourself upon arrival. If you plan to look for work right away, this should be sufficient to cover your expenses for the first couple of months until you start to receive a paycheck. However, the more funds you have saved, the more travelling and fun activities you can do upon arrival. There are various different ways to explore the country, and we will discuss the most cost-efficient options in-depth during your pre-departure consultation.

What are the work restrictions on a Working Holiday Visa?

Working Holiday Visa holders in Australia are only permitted to work with one employer for six months of the year. This is to encourage travellers to visit different parts of the country, rather than settling in one city for the full duration of their visa. You can work in most industries, but some highly skilled individuals may require an international skills transfer to continue working in their field. This could include doctors, lawyers, nurses and engineers. Here are some of the most popular working holiday jobs in Australia.

Should I leave my ticket open, or do I need to have a return booked?

That is up to you! We usually recommend that you initially purchase a one-way ticket, as this will give you the flexibility to move location and return home when you feel ready. If you decide to do this, be aware that you do need to show some additional proof of funds to cover your return flight back to Canada at the end of your trip.

Is it better to travel to Australia with a backpack or suitcase?

Both have benefits, although a backpack tends to be the more popular option. Backpacks are usually easier to carry when walking long distances (or running to catch a bus because you slept through your alarm). They are great for the outback or for carrying up hostel stairs but it is important to purchase one that fits properly to prevent back and shoulder issues. Suitcases tend to be larger meaning that you can carry more belongings, and often have the added advantage of a lock to secure your belongings in transit. However, they are bulky and hard to maneuver when not on paved surfaces. Either way, try to pack light, remember Australia has malls and you can purchase anything that you are missing after you arrive.