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  • Top 10 Australia Working Holiday Destinations

    Are you planning a working holiday in Australia and wondering which city is the best one for you? We’ve broken down our top recommendations for Australia working holiday destinations to visit, work and experience life as a local. But first, let’s cover a few points to consider while making your decision. Tips for Planning Your…

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    Working Holiday Explained: Work and Travel for Canadians

    Have you ever dreamt of travelling the world? We don’t mean a Canadian winter getaway at an all-inclusive in Mexico kind of travel. We’re talking about the kind of travel where you spend weeks or months exploring a new culture, new landscapes and meeting people from all over the globe making memories to last you…

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    New Program! New Zealand ‘City Job’ Working Holiday

    Today we’re excited to launch a brand new program in New Zealand! Our New Zealand Working Holiday ‘City Job’ program will offer Canadians between 18 and 35 the opportunity to live and work in New Zealand with a guaranteed paid working holiday job in Auckland.     The City Jobs program will help you start your…

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    Canadian Travel Experts Share 24 Amazing Travel Apps

    There are many well-known travel apps out there to help you make the most of your trip. We asked 12 Canadian travel experts for the apps they can’t travel without and compiled the list. Here are the travel apps they recommended to make your experience more stress-free, unique and memorable:   Cristina, Chasing Travel Originally…

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    Why you should get over your fears and go abroad

    The following post was written by Stepabroad Ambassador Ian Saunders who has recently returned to Canada from his Working Holiday in Australia and wants to convince you to go abroad!   “Let’s face it, the idea of moving abroad is scary. But it doesn’t have to be. When first looking into moving abroad to travel and work,…

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    5 Ways Travel will Change Your Life for the Better

    The end of summer may have you feeling one of two ways – either you are devastated to see the leaves turning orange and days getting shorter, or perhaps you are thrilled about crisp fall days wrapped up in cozy sweaters. Whether you are excited or not for the approaching new season, September always brings…

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