Top 10 Things To Do In Tokyo, Japan: A Stepabroad City Guide

Looking for things to do in Tokyo? Craving an unforgettable adventure? Explore Tokyo Japan with us through this top 10 list and consider turning what could be a Tokyo vacation into a culturally immersive working holiday in Japan.

Your dreams will come alive in none other than Tokyo– Japan’s exhilarating capital! Tokyo’s offerings are as diverse as they are enchanting, ranging from iconic landmarks to immersive cultural experiences. This bustling metropolis seamlessly weaves together tradition and modernity, presenting you with an unmissable tapestry of experiences.

Whether you’re an avid traveler in search of new horizons or someone pondering the enticing question of what to do in Tokyo, this city promises boundless wonders! Within this guide, we’re set to unveil the top 10 activities that should be on your Tokyo things-to-do list, all while illuminating the thrilling possibility of a working holiday in Japan.


1. Explore Sensational Shrines and Temples in Tokyo, Japan

Embark on your Tokyo adventure by discovering the captivating Meiji Shrine and the tranquil Senso-ji temple. These iconic spiritual landmarks epitomize the rich cultural heritage of Japan. 

Built to honor the Meiji Emperor and his consort, the Meiji Shrine is a stunning shrine located in Tokyo’s Shibuya district. The grounds of the shrine are filled with lush trees and an abundance of wildlife, making it perfect for leisurely strolls. Inside, visitors can observe Shinto rituals such as offering prayers or writing their wishes on colourful emas, and traditional wooden plaques. 

If you’re looking for a reason to visit the city, Senso-ji is an excellent place to start. Senso-ji is Tokyo’s oldest and most popular temple. Situated in the historic Asakusa district, Senso-ji stands as a symbol of old Tokyo and draws generations of worshippers to its grand gates each year. 

Neon Lights Light Up Shibuya Crossing At Night Amidst A Bustling Crowd

2. Wander Amidst Neon Lights in Shibuya Crossing

If you’re wondering what to do in Tokyo and are looking for an electrifying experience, check out Shibuya Crossing– Tokyo’s pulsating heart. Immerse yourself in the captivating energy as pedestrians merge in a mesmerizing dance amidst towering screens and dazzling neon lights. 

This iconic intersection embodies ther cities vibrant vibrant spirit, offering an unforgettable spectacle that encapsulates the essence of what to do in Tokyo. Unveil the city’s modern marvels and feel the cities pulse as you venture into its bustling streets.

Stepabroad Top-Tip

Efficient Transportation: Tokyo's advanced public transportation system, including trains and subways, can be navigated smoothly with reloadable cards like Suica or Pasmo, but avoid rush hours due to crowding.

3. Indulge in Culinary Delights in Tokyo, Japan

Indulge in Tokyo’s culinary treasures, ranging from delectable street-side sushi stalls to upscale dining venues. Embrace the opportunity to savour authentic ramen and sushi, iconic Japanese dishes that exemplify the city’s gastronomic scene. 

The city also offers a wide variety of international cuisines, from Italian to Mexican. Sample the unique fusion-style cuisine that has been created with a combination of both traditional Japanese and foreign flavors. Whether you’re a food enthusiast or a curious traveler, these culinary delights are essential to your list of Tokyo things to do. 

4. Engage Yourself in Vibrant Things to Do in Tokyo, Japan: Anime and Pop Culture

Dive into the captivating Otaku culture through a visit to Akihabara. This district stands as the epicenter of anime, manga, and cutting-edge electronic gadgets. Immerse yourself in a world of creativity and innovation, where traditional and modern pop culture converge. 

Akihabara is a must-visit destination for anyone seeking a dynamic and colourful tapestry of Tokyo’s contemporary scene. Browse through the bright and lively streets of this vibrant community, lined with countless stores selling anime merchandize, idol figures, video games, and more. Enjoy a unique experience filled with shopping opportunities such as Mandarake or Anime Plaza. 

A blooming cherry blossom (sakura) tree at Ueno Park, Taito City, Tokyo, Japan.

5. Cherry Blossom Serenity at Ueno Park in Tokyo, Japan

In the spring, Ueno Park transforms into a captivating expanse of cherry blossoms, painting the landscape with delicate hues. Embark on a leisurely stroll through this ephemeral wonderland, embracing the serene beauty that defines Ueno Park. 

Let the breathtaking scenery of cherry blossoms in full bloom immerse you in the tranquil ambiance, creating a memorable and enchanting moment in the heart of Tokyo.

6. Unwind at a Traditional Onse

Amid Tokyo’s vibrant pace, find tranquillity at a traditional onsen (hot spring) retreat. Relax and unwind in the hot springs, letting the natural mineral-rich waters rejuvenate your body. Discover a range of onsen facilities that reflect the essence of traditional Japanese culture, inviting you to bask in an oasis of tranquility. From authentic hotspring baths to outdoor pools, there’s a perfect balance of relaxation and adventure in store for all visitors.

Amidst the energetic ambiance, this serene experience offers an opportunity to refresh and recharge, making it a soothing addition to your list of what to do in Tokyo during your working holiday in Japan.

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Aerial view of city and road in downtown Harajuku, the fashion paradise of Tokyo, Japan.

7. Shop Till You Drop in Harajuku

For avid shoppers exploring Tokyo, Japan, Harajuku is a haven of trendy fashion boutiques and one-of-a-kind street styles. Immerse yourself in a world where vibrant creativity and fashion innovation collide. 

Whether you’re a dedicated shopaholic or a casual explorer, Harajuku’s eclectic shopping scene offers a delightful fusion of trends and self-expression. Dive into  the pulsating fashion culture as you explore the distinctive charm of Harajuku, making it on your list of Tokyo things to do.

8. Marvel at The City Skyline from Tokyo Tower

Elevate your Tokyo experience by ascending the iconic Tokyo Tower, offering a spectacular bird’s-eye view of the sprawling cityscape. Gaze in wonder at Tokyo’s urban expanse as it stretches beyond the horizon. 

Capture the cities essence from this vantage point that encapsulates both tradition and modernity. As you absorb the breathtaking panorama, you’ll find yourself immersed in the heart of the cities dynamic energy, making it an essential stop on your journey of things to do in Tokyo during your working holiday in Japan.


The Beautiful Tokyo Skyline At Night. A City That Never Sleeps.

9. Journey Back in Time at Edo-Tokyo Museum

Step into the Edo-Tokyo Museum and begin your captivating journey through time. Immerse yourself in immersive exhibits that vividly resurrect the cities rich history. From the Edo period to modern times, this museum offers a dynamic narrative of Tokyo’s evolution.

With interactive displays and artifacts, you can explore the past and present of this captivating city. Whether you are an experienced traveler or a first-time visitor, a visit to the Edo-Tokyo Museum is sure to be an unforgettable experience, and a quintessential inclusion on your list of things to do in Tokyo.

Stepabroad Top-Tip

Diverse Neighbourhoods: Explore beyond the popular areas by visiting unique neighbourhoods like Shimokitazawa and Yanaka to experience Tokyo's varied cultural offerings.

10. Experience the Future in Odaiba

Embrace the future at Odaiba, an island that seamlessly blends innovation and entertainment. Explore high-tech attractions and marvel at the towering, life-sized Gundam statue, an iconic symbol of technological prowess. 

Odaiba’s avant-garde architecture complements its cutting-edge allure, offering an immersive experience that transports you to the future. Amidst the modern marvels and captivating landscapes, a visit to Odaiba becomes an indispensable element of your itinerary for things to do in Tokyo, Japan.

Discover all the activities above and experience the city as one of the finest destinations for seasonal work opportunities abroad!


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This unique city stands as an alluring amalgamation of culture, history, and groundbreaking innovation. Be it your venture into honoured temples or contemplation of embarking on a working holiday, Tokyo guarantees an indelible encounter. Seize the enchantment woven into this exceptional city and craft enduring memories that will accompany you for a lifetime.


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