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How Canadians Can Learn Japanese Fast While Living in Japan

So you want to learn Japanese and are searching for the best way to do it? You have come to the right place! When learning any language, the best way to do it is to immerse yourself in a country that speaks the language. The ultimate way to learn Japanese fast is to live in Japan. If this sounds like a big step for you, hang tight. We’ll explain exactly why this is the fastest way to learn Japanese and how it’s easier than you think.

Why Learn Japanese in Japan?

Learning Japanese by living in Japan has many benefits. You get increased practice time, the ability to apply what you learned to real-world situations, and understand new concepts faster. In addition to learning to speak Japanese faster, you will also gain a life-changing experience.

As with any skill you are learning, the more you practice the better you get. If you live in Japan, even for a short period, you will practice speaking Japanese every single day with native Japanese speakers! At first, it may seem strange at first to speak Japanese to a local. As soon as you do, you will realize they are flattered you are learning their language. Don’t be afraid if your Japanese isn’t perfect – Japanese people are very kind and patient! The only way to really learn to speak Japanese is by speaking with locals.

If you stay in Canada, it can be hard to motivate yourself to practice. You will need to go out and find fluent Japanese speakers to practice speaking with. This might be easy for you if you have a friend or relative, but these practice sessions might be too far apart for it to have a real impact on your skill.

When you are in Japan, the world is your classroom!

You can immediately put the words and sentences you have learned to use on a regular basis. This will help you build up your vocabulary faster and speed up the learning process. Living in Japan will make you more comfortable with your Japanese language skills faster than taking Japanese lessons online or in Canada.

Plus, while living in Japan you will learn Japanese in a more engaging and fun way! Like when ordering Japanese dishes, asking for directions to famous attractions, reading signs, or striking up small talk with friendly locals. Living in Japan gives you the chance to complement your classroom studies with experiential learning.

How is This Possible for Canadians?

Stepabroad offers Canadians a super fun and unforgettable experience to learn Japanese in Japan. We are a work and travel agency based out of Vancouver and specialize in sending Canadians (from anywhere in Canada) on work and travel experiences abroad. Our programs provide complete support from a team of people who have lived abroad ourselves!

If you are interested in taking structured and engaging Japanese lessons while living in Japan, we offer 4 weeks of Japanese language lessons with our Japan City Experience Program. This unique and engaging Japanese language experience is available in Tokyo, Kyoto, and Fukuoka – take your pick! The best part is that as soon as you walk out of the classroom you can apply what you learned in class that day.

In this program, you will get support finding accommodation in Japan, take quality language lessons with other travellers, attend weekly social events (like Japan movie night and karaoke parties) as well as attend fun festivals and sporting events.

“They’ve met heaps of people, and they’ll be there for a while, so I’m thinking that is why they want to stay. They can speak so much Japanese it is unreal. I’m so impressed.”
— Proud Parent Susan H., Winnipeg

Learn More Than Japanese in Japan!

You can also learn about Japanese culture in additional lessons we offer that you can add to your language program. Take modern Japanese cultural courses to learn how to draw manga, make sushi, and visit a monster cafe. Or traditional cultural courses to learn how to wear a kimono, conduct a traditional Japanese tea ceremony, and practice calligraphy.

The benefits of learning Japanese in Japan with Stepabroad:

  • Practice your Japanese while attending festivals and local events with your fellow classmates and teachers.
  • Attend weekly Japanese movie screenings and games nights.
  • Boost your language skills by also learning about Japanese culture. Take fun cultural courses on tea ceremonies, drumming, cooking, manga, and cosplay to name a few!
  • Make new friends with other students in your class and Japanese locals.
  • After your language program is finished, travel around Japan to learn more about the culture. Use your new language skills every day to help them stick.
  • If you feel your Japanese is strong enough, you can continue your stay in Japan and get a job to continue improving your skills and pay for your living expenses. Stepabroad can help you with this!


Moving across the world takes courage, but is so incredibly worth it!

Living abroad is great for creating more cultural awareness, self-discovery, adaptability, independence, and learning new languages. Our team of travel experts understands what it’s like to live abroad – we have all done it – and fully see the value (and fun!) it has to offer. We completely prepare you for moving to Japan with a personal pre-departure orientation before you leave Canada. During the orientation, your personal trip advisor will walk you through everything that you need to know about living in Japan and answer all of your questions. In addition, we will be there to support you throughout the entire duration of your trip.

If you ask any of our participants who have done our Japan Programs, they will tell you it was an incredible experience and tons of fun:

“I am already missing Japan. I look forward to getting back soon … the experience was incredible and I would like to thank Stepabroad for affording me such an adventure and learning experience.”
— Brodie H., Winnipeg

How Stepabroad Helps

Stepabroad has multiple support packages available to help Canadians move to Japan – making the process of moving abroad as seamless as possible. Our team of travel experts can help you get a working holiday visa so you can live in Japan, even work there too! We will help you:

  • apply for the visa that lets you stay in Japan longer than a tourist
  • register for Japanese language classes at your level
  • arrange your accommodation
  • connect you with other people living in Japan
  • get a Japan residence card
  • find a job in Japan (the more Japanese you know the better, but it’s not necessary)

When Should You Apply

We accept applications year-round, so you can apply when it’s best for you. Moving to Japan takes time to prepare for so we recommend applying with us as soon as you know that you want to go. That way you can take full advantage of our support.

If you want to leave ASAP (you wouldn’t be the first!), expect that it will take 3 months from your application to prepare your trip to Japan. Our team has lots of work we need to do for you including:

  • step-by-step visa application support
  • reviewing your documents to ensure they are accepted
  • registration for your courses
  • arranging your accommodation
  • conducting your pre-departure orientation

If you don’t want to leave for a year or two, you can still apply now. We can make use of the extra time to begin helping you prepare. The hardest part is deciding to go – then we take care of the rest!

If you want to learn Japanese fast, there is no better way to do it than by moving to Japan. By living, working, and travelling around the country you will become comfortable speaking Japanese faster and will see your language skills improve every day.

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