Korean Cuisine: Top 10 Korean Dishes You Have To Try

Are you a foodie with a taste for adventure? If so, you’re in for a treat. That’s because today, we’re taking you on a delicious journey through the vibrant world of South Korean cuisine. South Korea is not only known for its stunning landscapes and rich culture but also for its mouthwatering dishes that have taken the culinary world by storm. To celebrate the launch of our new South Korea Working Holiday Program, we’ve put together this Korean cuisine inspired article to whet your appetite for what’s to come. Get ready to tantalize your taste buds with our top 10 Korean dishes that you absolutely must try.

1. Bossam: The Ultimate Pork Dish

To begin our Korean culinary adventure, let’s start with a dish that will undoubtedly make your taste buds dance with delight – Bossam. This traditional Korean delicacy features boiled pork belly slices coupled with a delightful array of condiments and fresh vegetables. You will relish the tender, succulent pork wrapped in crisp lettuce leaves, accompanied by a variety of side dishes such as kimchi, garlic, and spicy dipping sauces. Additionally, it’s an interactive eating experience that is perfect for sharing with loved ones.

2. Jokbal: Pork Trotters That Melt in Your Mouth

If you’re a fan of pork, then you must try Jokbal – a Korean delicacy that simmers pork trotters to perfection in a flavourful soy-based sauce. This braised dish results in tender, melt-in-your-mouth meat that bursts with savoury goodness. Jokbal is traditionally served with kimchi, garlic, and a dipping sauce made from soybean paste. This unique and savoury dish showcases the rich flavours of Korean cuisine. Beware, the gelatinous texture of the pigs feet in Jokbal means they are definitely not for the faintest heart.

Stepabroad Top-Tip

Explore Kimchi Varieties: Kimchi is a Korean staple available in different types like napa cabbage, cucumber, and radish. Experiment with various kimchi varieties to discover the unique flavours each offers.

3. Naengmyeon: The Chilled Noodle Delight

When the weather heats up in South Korea, there’s nothing more refreshing than a bowl of Naengmyeon. This cold noodle dish is the perfect antidote to sweltering summer days. It features thin, chewy buckwheat noodles served in a tangy and icy broth. Naengmyeon is often garnished with sliced cucumbers, radishes, and a boiled egg. It’s a light, flavourful, and cooling dish that’s both delicious and satisfying. These are generally two types of naengmyeon, mul  & bibim . Mul naengmyeon is the milder of the two when it comes to spice, whilst bibim naengmyeon is spicier and normally served with a red chilli paste known as gochujang.


4. Kalguksu: Hand-Cut Noodles, Korean Style

Korean cuisine has a beloved dish known as Kalguksu, which refers to “knife-cut noodles” and showcases the artistry of hand-cutting noodles. Typically, this dish features soft and chewy wheat noodles served in a savory, aromatic broth made with ingredients like anchovies and vegetables. You can customize the dish with various toppings, such as mushrooms, seafood, and green onions, making it a comforting and wholesome meal that warms the soul.

5. Korean Street Food: A Culinary Adventure on the Go

No South Korean working holiday is complete without indulging in the vibrant world of Korean street food. From bustling markets to street corners, you’ll find an array of mouthwatering snacks and bites that will leave you craving for more. Some street food favourites include hotteok (sweet pancakes), tteokbokki (spicy rice cakes), odeng (fish cake skewers), and gimbap (seaweed rice rolls). Each bite is a burst of flavours, and the experience of trying street food in South Korea is a true culinary adventure. Korean street food can be enjoyed on the go, whilst exploring the many amazing things to do in South Korea.

6. Korean BBQ: Sizzle and Savory Goodness

Korean BBQ is undoubtedly one of the most iconic and popular Korean dining experiences. At a Korean BBQ restaurant, you become the chef as you grill marinated meats, such as beef, pork, and chicken, right at your table. The meats are often accompanied by an array of banchan, which are small side dishes that add depth and variety to your meal. The sizzle of the grill, the delicious aroma, and the interactive nature of the experience make Korean BBQ a must-try culinary adventure in South Korea.

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7. Bulgogi: Sweet and Savoury Grilled Beef

To enhance your Korean culinary experience, try Bulgogi, translating to “fire meat” in Korean, a delectable grilled beef dish renowned for its sweet and savoury flavours. To prepare, thinly sliced beef is marinated in a mixture of soy sauce, sugar, garlic, and other seasonings before grilling it to perfection. The result is tender, flavourful beef, often served with rice and a variety of side dishes. Bulgogi is a crowd-pleaser and a fantastic introduction to Korean cuisine for newcomers.

Stepabroad Top-Tip

Respect Table Etiquette: In Korean culture, it's customary to use both hands when giving or receiving items, especially during mealtime. Additionally, when eating, avoid sticking your chopsticks upright in a bowl of rice, as this resembles a funeral ritual.

8. Korean Fried Chicken: Crispy, Crunchy, and Irresistible

When it comes to fried chicken, South Korea knows how to do it right. Korean Fried Chicken, or sometimes KFC for short, is a culinary sensation that has taken the world by storm. What sets Korean Fried Chicken apart is its thin, ultra-crispy coating and a variety of delicious sauces. Whether you prefer sweet and spicy, garlic soy, or classic fried chicken, there’s a KFC flavour for everyone. It’s the perfect comfort food that pairs wonderfully with a cold beer.

9. Samgyeopsal: DIY Pork Belly Heaven

If you love DIY dining experiences, then make sure to add Samgyeopsal to your list. This famous Korean dish showcases thick slices of pork belly that you grill right at your table. Additionally, you can create your own delicious wraps by pairing the sizzling pork with lettuce leaves, garlic, and various dipping sauces. Moreover, Samgyeopsal is a social and interactive meal that’s perfect for sharing with friends while enjoying lively conversations.

10. Red Rice Cakes (Tteokbokki): Spicy and Chewy Goodness

Last but certainly not least, we have Tteokbokki, a beloved Korean street food dish that’s both spicy and chewy. Tteokbokki consists of cylindrical rice cakes cooked in a fiery red chili sauce, which gives the dish its signature heat. The chewy rice cakes are complemented by ingredients like fish cakes, boiled eggs, and green onions. Tteokbokki is a delightful explosion of flavours and textures, making it a favourite among locals and visitors alike.

Discover the Flavors of South Korean cuisine

Explore the vibrant, flavourful, and diverse world of South Korean cuisine! You’ll find succulent pork delights like Bossam and Jokbal, refreshing options like Naengmyeon, and interactive fun with Korean BBQ. Whether you’re a fan of sweet and savoury notes, mouthwatering street food, or DIY dining adventures, there’s something for every palate. Food is an integral part of Korean culture, and exploring the country’s cuisine is a true delight. In fact, many Korean dishes have become immensely poplar worldwide.

If you’re an enthusiast of Korean cuisine in Canada or considering South Korea as a working holiday destination, ensure you savour these top 10 Korean dishes. They are not only a culinary treat. In fact, they also provide a window into the rich culture and traditions of South Korea. Moreover, a working holiday in South Korea positions you well for traveling to other destinations such as Japan. Prepare to embark on a flavourful journey that will leave you craving more. Start planning your Korean adventure with Stepabroad today. 

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