At Stepabroad, we are always so inspired by our female travellers who embrace solo travel and fearlessly venture out into this amazing world. It can be intimidating traveling alone for the first time. At Stepabroad we’ve experienced this ourselves, which is why we are here for our participants every step of the way. Within a few months we find our travellers gain a sense of confidence, self-awareness and wonder. Through their experiences abroad, our female travellers return home as more empowered, and courageous women.

Today we want to shine a spotlight on just a few of our female participants who’s journeys have inspired us – we hope they inspire you too!


Female Travel Lessons

Navdeep enjoying the beautiful culture and architecture in Europe

Q: Navdeep, why do you think it is so important to travel?

A: “Travelling is important because of the amount of invaluable lessons it provides. Travel introduces you to people that you wouldn’t typically interact with or have the chance to meet. It is important to converse with people from different backgrounds and cultures because you unearth so much about the world, and yourself, by speaking with  people who challenge your views and ideas.”



International Womens Day

Anna exploring Australia on her Working Holiday

Q: Anna, what made you want to travel?

A: “I wanted new experiences, to meet new people, see new places and immerse myself in the unfamiliar. The experience is exciting, it brought me out of my bubble and gave me a new perspective on my own existence. I really love the sense of freedom you get by traveling – having no set plan meant I could go anywhere, and do anything.”



International Women's Day

Taylor moved abroad by herself through Stepabroad and is still enjoying her time there now.

Q: Taylor, what is your favourite travel memory so far?

A: “I honestly have way too many favourite travel memories, but one that stands out was when three of my friends (who I had recently met) and I did a 10-day road trip through Tasmania, Australia. We learned to drive on the other side of the road as we cruised through gorgeous national parks! There were plenty of wallabies and pademelons along the way. At night, we camped next to the ocean, lakes- and even in the middle of the national park when we couldn’t find a spot to camp as the sun was setting. We slept in a little car rooftop tent and when I looked out the window, the sky was filled with stars like I have never seen before! Tasmania was an experience that I will never forget and I’m so glad I got to experience with the most amazing people.”



UK Female Travel

Cassandra visiting Buckingham Palace in the United Kingdom

Q: Cassandra, what have you learned about yourself through travel?

A: “Traveling has allowed me to step out of my comfort zone in ways that I could not have ever imagined. If I did not travel,  I would not have grown into the woman that I am today. Not only has travel broadened my knowledge of other cultures, cities, and countries, but it has made me more confident, adventurous, and excited about what life has to offer!”



Female Travel

Genevieve enjoying a beach day in Chile, a country with the longest coastline in the world.

Q: Genevieve, how has solo travel empowered you?

A: “Solo travel is all I have known really. I attribute it to being impatient in the most wonderful way. Am I supposed to compromise my desire to go somewhere amazing just because my friends are busy? No! Solo travel has empowered me to do what I want, when I want, without having to rely on anyone else but myself.”



Stepabroad participant Eilidh explores Australia on her working holiday

Eilidh visiting a vineyard outside Adelaide on her Australia Working Holiday

Q: Eilidh, what has surprised you most about solo travel?

A: “What has surprised me most is how empowering the feeling of independence, accomplishment, and freedom is! I’m able to travel in exactly the way I like, in whatever way that makes me the happiest. Whether it’s spending the day with new friends from my hostel, or having a relaxing beach day reading, I have the opportunity to decide 100% for myself!”


Do you have any wise travel words to share? Comment below – we’d love to hear from you!