Spain: land of the bright, bold, and extremely delicious. Famous for welcoming people, exceptional weather, and incredible cuisine, Spain is a dream destination for any Canadian looking for a culturally immersive working holiday. Moving across the world can seem daunting, but don’t worry – our Working Holiday Spain Programs will help with the entire process to make your transition to life in Spain as seamless and fun as possible!

Why Do a Working Holiday in Spain?

Spain is a vast tapas-try (sorry) of postcard-perfect countryside, ancient Roman villages and thriving urban metropolises; with 3,000 miles of coastline and 60 islands, from Ibiza to Tenerife, to explore. Not to forget the rich heritage, arts and culture that dominate this country.

 There is so much to do that you really need a year (or two) to truly appreciate this vast country, which is where the youth mobility visa for Spain comes in. The youth mobility agreement between Canada and Spain means that Canadians can live and work in Spain for up to two years. The icing on the cake? Spain enjoys year-round sunshine, meaning you can apply and leave for Spain at any time of year. Spend a year chasing duende – the Spanish term for spirit – learning flamenco down honeyed cobblestone streets, practice your Spanish over tapas with warm, friendly locals and tick off some of the world’s most extraordinary festivals (think: the world’s biggest food fight at La Tomatin).

A working holiday in Spain gives you the chance to truly embrace Spanish time, by which we mean drawn-out lunches and late-night dinners, flamenco-dancing, sangria-drinking and, of course, travelling. Stepabroad will guide you through the process of moving to Spain, so you can focus on planning all the fun stuff, like where to start your adventure – lively Madrid, cosmopolitan Barcelona, or charming Granada – then choose where you would like to settle in for your year-long work and travel adventure.

prawn and chilli tapas eaten in Spain

Embrace Tapas Culture

Perfect the art of people watching while sharing authentic Spanish tapas with new friends.

Hola! speech bubble for students learning spanish in Spain

Learn Spanish With Locals

Learn Spanish and practice rolling your r’s with warm, friendly Spaniards – you’ll be speaking like a local in no time.


Never-Ending Summer

Boasting year-round sunshine, white sand beaches, surf spots, alpine peaks, lush forests, and even volcanoes, Spain has it all!

Resume for participants on a working holiday in Spain

Boost Your Resume

Personal growth, increased cultural awareness & professional networking are just a few benefits of a working holiday.


The Spanish government has a number of requirements that must be met in order to apply for the youth mobility visa for Spain. Your personal Stepabroad travel advisor will help you navigate the application steps and ensure you provide the correct documentation. The requirements are as follows:

  • A Canadian citizen and current resident between 18 and 35 with a valid passport
  • No criminal record and in good health
  • Sufficient funds to support yourself on your travels

Spain Programs

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