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Stepabroad Stories showcase our amazing participants who want to inspire and share their stories with you! Today we are introducing Geneviève Latour, from Quebec, Canada. She is currently part of our Working Holiday program in Chile and is located in the town of Castro for the first portion of her working holiday experience in Chile. Having arrived in early March, Geneviève has lots to say for her first month in Chile.

“Not to brag, but I’ve traveled quite a bit. Always on my own, and without any help. I’ve been through the hassle of getting a work visa in Asia, finding a job and a place to stay and all the other hiccups you can imagine. This was my first time jetting off somewhere with absolutely no worries and no planning on my part.

“Stepabroad took care of literally everything.”

My Stepabroad coordinator was great considering my wonky schedule and took care of all the nitty-gritty. Prior to my departure, they locked in a placement within 2 weeks and I was given all the information I needed to travel to Chile! As soon as I stepped foot in Santiago, I had someone pick me up from the airport and drive me straight to my hostel.

After a few days of relaxing and exploring Santiago, my flight was booked to my final destination: Chiloé. My placement coordinator informed me of the transfer company and details on how I would be getting to my hostel. Stepping out into the smallest airport I’ve ever seen (I’m pretty sure I’ve seen McDonald’s bigger than that airport), I hopped on the transfer bus and off we went.

I soon found myself in the capital city of Chiloé island, Castro. For the next couple of months, I’ll be helping out in a hostel near the famous Palafitos (Google it, it’s worth it) and spending the rest of my time exploring as much as I can. Not a bad deal really!

The hostel is on a street that leads straight down to the water and is bordered by colourful buildings. It is freshly built, so much so that I still smell the pine and cedar in my room. My little home away from home is a small room on the second floor with its own bathroom. I won’t lie, it’s basic accommodation but I’ve got a comfy bed to sleep on. What more do you really need?

“Get lost, you’d be amazed at what you can find.” — Geneviève Latour

Sharing its space with the front desk is a nice little café. The boys from the café make amazing bread, pasta, pizza and so much more. They’ve made it their mission to feed me well (I’m not complaining)! So many people here are making the effort to make me feel at home and I couldn’t be more grateful for their Chilean hospitality.

All throughout the trip, my coordinator was only an e-mail, or a Skype call away to help me out with any worries or questions. It’s really comforting when you’re halfway across the world, to know that you have someone back home who’s got your back.

And now, I have to find a way to see some penguins (they are here somewhere, and I will find them).”


Geneviève will be back on our blog with more pictures and stories to tell! For more stunning photos by Geneviève and other Stepabroad participants check out our Instagram page @go.stepabroad

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