Are you a post-secondary student wondering how to get hired for a role in your desired career after graduation? Getting your first job after graduation can be challenging and frustrating for many. That’s why it is important that you make an effort to develop skills outside of the classroom and go after experiences that set you apart from the competition.

The best way to ensure you will be viewed as the desired candidate is by participating in an internship abroad in your field. Read on to discover all of the ways an internship abroad will launch your career.

Bridge the gap between your education and career

According to a study done by McKinsey & Company, when Canadian educational providers were asked whether they believe students are prepared for the workforce, 83% said that they were. However, when the same question was presented to employers – the ones who actually do the hiring – only 34% of employers believed that Canadian youth were adequately prepared for the workforce.

Percentage of those who agree youth are adequately prepared for the workforce.

So what are 66% of Canadian youth entering the workforce missing?

They are lacking the required soft skills and work experience that will help them be successful in today’s workplace. These soft skills include adaptability, critical thinking, and intercultural competencies. Such skills, and related work experience, are best gained by participating in an internship abroad. International internships allow you to gain hands-on work experience in your field and apply what you have learned in a broader context. An internship abroad will show hiring managers that you are adequately prepared for the workforce, bridging the gap between your education and the start of your career.

Develop in-demand skills

You spend years in university learning about the technical skills required for your desired career but, as seen above, this isn’t always enough to get you hired. Instead, employers are looking for candidates who possess in-demand skills such as adaptability, communication, independence, and decision making. These skills are developed through life experience, work experience, and travel. Yes, travel! Placing yourself out of your comfort zone and in a different environment with a new set of challenges is a fantastic learning experience.

The quickest way to get these skills in your tool kit is to do an internship abroad because you are integrating life, work, and travel all in one go. Even a four-month internship can result in a huge return on investment for your future career. You will return home with the skills and experience required to get hired and launch your career on a more accelerated path than if you chose to stay home.

An internship abroad will help you develop important soft skills such as communication, problem-solving, and cultural sensitivities.

Gain an understanding of the global marketplace

Sounds fancy right? So will you after listing this competency on your resume! Even if you are applying for a job within Canada, your company will still be part of a global marketplace. By gaining an understanding of different markets and cross-border business practices, you will be seen as an asset to hiring managers in Canada.

“…international mobility equips students with essential skills sought by employers in an increasingly global marketplace.

Universities Canada, Investing in skills and talent to build a better Canada. 2019

Get your foot in the door

When students graduate they often find it difficult to land their first job in their field of study. Even after spending years studying, it can be difficult to get hired without any career-related work experience. This can be a catch 22. How are you expected to gain relevant work experience if nobody will hire you? With an internship abroad, you can overcome this hurdle. Stepabroad’s Internship Abroad programs don’t require you to have previous related work experience. Instead, our internships abroad equip you with the work experience you need to land your first career job after graduation. 

Kick start your career and experience living abroad on an international internship!

Stand out from other applicants

With online job postings, people can apply for a job with just the click of a button. While this makes applying for a job easier, it can cause your resume to get lost among hundreds of other applicants. With so much competition, it is crucial that you make your resume stand out. By gaining international work experience, you will be able to demonstrate you have in-demand skills, relevant hands-on experience, and global competencies.

An internship abroad will also show that you are driven, not afraid to step outside of your comfort zone, and can take on new challenges. These personal traits are huge selling points in the eyes of an employer. You will already have one foot in the door to your dream career!

Nail your next interview

After a unique experience abroad, it is going to be much easier to nail that interview. You have relevant work experience to pull from, and interesting stories about different cultural experiences and challenges that you overcame. International experience will give you a wealth of talking points for your next interview and make you more memorable to hiring managers. Employers will be more interested in learning what you did on your business internship in New Zealand than what you scored on your final accounting exam.

In addition, traveling helps you develop better communication skills and increases your confidence. Both of these are very beneficial when attending interviews. Did you know that as part of our Internship Abroad program, Stepabroad coaches you on how to conduct a successful interview?

You will be confident in your interview knowing that you have the technical skills, soft skills, and global knowledge they are looking for.

Learn a new language

An internship abroad is a fantastic opportunity to learn a new language or enhance one that you already know. Immersing yourself in a country that speaks the language you are trying to learn will drastically accelerate your learning. By conversing on a daily basis at your workplace and in your new community, you will have many more opportunities to advance your language skills. Don’t know any other languages? Don’t’ worry, we have internships abroad where you only need to know English!

Your Spanish will greatly improve by doing an internship in Chile – and you get the cultural experience of living in South America.

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