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We understand you want to make sure you’re in good hands when you go abroad  – and we don’t blame you! At Stepabroad, our priority is to make sure you have the best experience abroad possible and that you are supported every step of the way. Who better to tell you about the Stepabroad experience than actual participants?

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Kendra B's review
UK Working Holiday, Send Off Package - February 2020

Tessa and the team at Stepabroad have been wonderful along the entire process. What would have been overwhelming in the beginning became much easier when you have a knowledgeable team to help guide you. I strongly recommend their services for anyone looking to do a working holiday abroad! Because of them I’m able to fulfill my dreams of living and working in the UK.


Katie C's review
UK Working Holiday, Camp Job Program - February 2020

Tessa was amazingly helpful for every part of the process. She was always quick to respond to any questions I had, and ensured I was fully prepared to work in the UK.


Susan H's review
Parent of Japan City Experience participants - December 2019

My sons decided to embark on an adventure to Japan… We worked with Tessa who has a wealth of information and knowledge regarding Japan. From start to finish; getting visas; booking flights; securing accommodation; enrolment in a language class; Tessa had them sorted in a month… They’ve met heaps of people, and they’ll be there for a while, so I’m thinking that is why they want to stay. They can speak so much Japanese it is unreal. I’m so impressed.


Erika T's review
Japan Working Holiday, Send Off Package - May 2020

Myself and my childhood best friend from Canada decided to move to Tokyo for a year and used Stepabroad to help us set up our Working Holiday Visa applications to ensure we left prepared. The Stepabroad representatives were extremely supportive, knowledgeable, and attentive. They provided us with a great information package that proved to be useful throughout our Japan trip…


Jonathan K's review
Australia Working Holiday, Sydney Adventure Experience - March 2020

… If it weren’t for Stepabroad, I wouldn’t have taken the first steps to leave! They offer a great service by making it easy to get to wherever your backpacking/travel dreams take you. I didn’t need too much support from them while I was down there, so I can’t comment on the quality of their help from abroad, but the regular check-ins from my Stepabroad adviser Alison were always delightful. Stepabroad and their Aussie associates helped me become very comfortable in Australia, and it was comforting to know that assistance was only an email away if I ever needed anything! Part of the reason I didn’t need much assistance while I was down there was because of how well they prepared me for it all! …


Jesse V's review
Japan Ski Resort Working Holiday - November 2019

They have been wonderful to work with in my process of getting setup for my working holiday visa in Japan. Everything they claimed checked out. It is my first experience with a company like this and am over the moon with how it has gone so far. Highly recommendable!


Yvette E's review
Working Holiday Australia - November 2019

Stepabroad was literally the answer to all my questions and concerns. They’ve helped me so much and really made the process of moving easy! Highly recommended! Thank you Stepabroad!!!


Megan K's review
Australia Working Holiday - January 2020

I always wanted to travel, and Stepabroad made my dreams come true. Tessa is absolutely amazing and helped me go through everything for my working holiday in Australia. She gave me great advice and recommendations and made the process so easy and simple. It was so well organized and helpful. Knowing that I have their full support anytime while I’m traveling is also very reassuring.

Now, I’m in Melbourne and having the time of my life, thanks to Stepabroad!


Zara I's review
Japan Working Holiday - November 2019

…Stepabroad was really helpful with filling out the application forms and even worked around my schedule by being available after hours for our video chats. Their help made me confident that my visa would get approved and the send-off guide was really helpful when I arrived to Japan. It took me approximately 2.5 weeks to get a job.

Stepabroad also helps you connect with other Stepmates in the same area as you, which is pretty exciting when you come to a foreign country and don’t know anyone. I’d definitely recommend Stepabroad for anyone doing a WHV for the first time.


Hannah R's review
Japan Ski Resort Working Holiday - September 2019

… Stepabroad makes moving abroad easy by being there for you through finding a job, accommodation, visa process and everything else in between. They have made the process of moving to Japan way less stressful. They have been there for me through the entire process from helping me land my job, to just getting my visa approved and so much more! Great trustworthy company that I would recommend to anyone! I have always wanted to go abroad to travel and work but never knew how to do it. They help you whenever you need it, from the practice interviews to looking over your visas it all helps a lot!