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Yvonne M.'s review
Japan Working Holiday, Send Off Package

… Tessa put a lot of work into fixing every little detail of my application and doing her best to get me approved the first time. They schedule a simple digital call to discuss the entire process and walk you through it step by step.

We won! I’ll be heading to Japan in 6 days because of these beautiful people. Thank you so much for making the experience so personal, comforting and effective! I could not be happier with their services.


Paige S.'s review
New Zealand Working Holiday

…They were very helpful by sending a very detailed document about living in Auckland, and they also video chat with you to explain everything. They give you information on housing, getting a phone, banks, average living costs, etc. They also set you up for 2 nights in a really great hostel that I have been living in long term…


Liana L.'s review
Australia Working Holiday

… They are a great resource and brilliant in their wealth of knowledge for all VISA inquiries and general tips for traveling Australia. I’m really excited that I went with them, as it made the process so much clearer and kept me at ease knowing there was someone I could always talk to. From the visa, to the flight, to being here now – I felt very supported and know if I have a question they’re there with friendly staff that check-in and have kept me accountable.

Would definitely recommend them for any first-time travels, doesn’t cost too much – and will save you tons of time! 🙂


Mikayla W.'s review
Australia Working Holiday, Sydney Discovery

… Deciding to leave home was the scary thing and actually doing it was the scariest but you need to do things in life that scare you, and I was so lucky to have Stepabroad along the way if I ever needed something! (And believe me, I did lol) there is so much to see in this crazy beautiful world and I’m happy to say I’m lost in the right direction!


Anna W.'s review
Australia Working Holiday, Sydney Discovery

I wanted to travel to Australia but I was hesitant to go by myself. Stepabroad made it easier; setting me up with a tax file number, bank account and prepping my resume! When I arrived they had activities planned to help you see the city with a group. I recommend traveling with Stepabroad for extra help with living in Australia and to meet fun groups of people!


Shafina D.'s review
Working Holiday, Chile

Stepabroad succeeded in making me feel secure and prepared to go into this new adventure by myself.  They are always there to answer any questions or any concerns you have along the way. I would definitely recommend this to anyone having their first experience abroad or wanting to receive smooth and easy experience!


Ian S.'s review
Working Holiday, Australia

Stepabroad has made the crazy process of moving across the world to work in a new country extremely straightforward and easy to understand.  They helped me in obtaining my working holiday visa, setting up my bank account and tax file number, getting my phone set up, and finding accommodation


Kailey G.'s review
Working Holiday, Australia

As soon as I discovered Stepabroad it was exactly what I was looking for! Problem solved – get a visa, buy a ticket and let the staff take care of the rest. I wanted to feel safe and look back upon my time in Australia as a great adventure …

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