Japan City Experience

Stepabroad’s Japan City Experience gives Canadians the chance to experience living in Tokyo, Kyoto, or Fukuoka. Take Japanese lessons, cultural courses and fun social events to get into the swing of Japan-life!

Start Dates



2 weeks



Program Overview

In addition to all the pre-departure support provided in our Japan Send Off package, we arrange your adventure in Japan to begin with two weeks of Japanese language lessons in Tokyo, Kyoto or Fukuoka.

On the weekends, you can add fun courses to learn about Japan’s traditional and pop culture – tea ceremonies, calligraphy, cosplay, manga, and more! After class, join movie and game nights, field trips, festival outings, karaoke and international parties to make the most of your time in Japan. Once you are finished with your language lessons, our team can assist you in your job search, help you find long-term accommodation, open a bank account, and more.

What’s Included


  • One-on-one working holiday visa consultation and support
  • Complete review of visa application documents to ensure they are completed correctly
  • Japanese resume templates and job listings
  • Arranged accommodation during your first month in Japan *accommodation fees are additional
  • Info pack on everything you need to know about living in Japan
  • One-on-one video call orientation before your departure: health insurance, bank account, phone plan, Inkan, public transit, finding long-term accommodation & much more!

In Country

  • Welcome orientation on your first day
  • Two weeks of Japanese language lessons
  • Course books and materials
  • Unlimited use of wifi and school computers with printers
  • Language exchange program: get paired up with a Japanese native speaker to make friends & practice your language skills outside of class
  • Assistance with foreigner registration documents & Japanese paperwork
  • Support arranging accommodation after your language course
    English speaking team in Tokyo, Kyoto & Fukuoka
  • Help translating your resume to Japanese
  • On-going support for the duration of your time in Japan from our team

The Fun Stuff!

  • Meet other students from around the world!
  • Weekly Japanese movie screenings with popcorn
  • Friday student parties
  • Monthly Japanese game nights
  • Public holiday fields trips
  • Attend Japanese festivals
  • Invitations to fun group outings: karaoke, bowling, concerts & sporting events
  • Add traditional culture and pop-culture modules to your course (optional)
  • Weekly language exchange events with Japanese locals (Fukuoka only)

What’s Not Included:

Flights, medical insurance, visa and/or work permit application fees, local transportation, food & rent.

What Will I Do?

A working holiday visa allows you to stay in Japan for up to one year to work, travel and experience living in Japan like a local. Working holiday visa holders are able to obtain temporary or part-time positions to help fund their travels around the country.

Most jobs for foreigners require beginner to intermediate levels of Japanese so after your language lessons you will be better equipped to find a job in Japan. Once you have completed your course, our team will assist you with revising your resume and provide recommendations and resources to help you begin your job search in Japan.

Possible Working Holiday Jobs

  • Tutoring English
  • Restaurant and kitchen staff
  • Customer service
  • Retail
  • Sales
  • Tourism and hospitality
  • Cleaning and factory jobs
  • And more!

Want to Learn More?

Interested to chat with us to learn which program is right for you?

Let’s Get Started!

Year-round! Japanese language courses begin every Monday. If you have not taken Japanese lessons previously in a classroom setting, the complete beginner Japanese language courses begin on the first Monday of each month.

Please note: We typically ask for three months’ notice before you plan to leave Canada so we can get your documents in order and so that you can make the most of our support preparing you for your adventure abroad.

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