Congratulations if you’re in search of a travel agency Vancouver. We’re not your typical Vancouver travel company; at Stepabroad, our dedication lies in helping adventurous youth achieve their travel aspirations. Our programs span across 7 diverse countries, including Spain and Japan. Furthermore, we take immense pride in guiding our participants through the adventure of a lifetime. We provide opportunities to build international work experience, connect with incredible individuals, and delve into various cultures.

Start Dates



1 - 36 months


C$399 - C$1699


Embark on an enriching journey with Stepabroad, the go-to travel agency Vancouver, and discover the wonders of Working Holiday Travel Programs. We will help you unlock opportunities in some of the most captivating destinations worldwide. Designed especially for Canadian youth, our programs offer a chance to explore and reside in countries. Moreover, we offer programs in Spain, Australia, Japan, the UK, New Zealand, France, and South Korea. Participants, aged 18 to 35, can use this opportunity to immerse themselves in diverse cultures and expand their horizons. While conditions and requirements are subject to change, varying across countries, some general conditions include:

With us as your reliable Vancouver travel agency, we will guide you through every step of turning your travel dreams into reality. From obtaining open work permits to promoting exploration, our assistance is tailored to ease you through the process. Working holidays present a truly remarkable opportunity, brimming with benefits. Besides acquiring work experience and financing your travels, you are bound to forge lasting friendships and create memories that will endure a lifetime.


Embark on a hassle-free visa acquisition journey with Stepabroad, your reliable Vancouver travel experts. Our seasoned team assists you every step of the way, transforming Vancouver into your launchpad for global exploration. Opt for Stepabroad for unmatched support, expertise, and a smooth transition from application to arrival.


  • Professional Advancement: Bolster your CV with global work exposure.
  • Individual Development: Submerge yourself in diverse cultures for comprehensive personal growth.
  • International Connections: Form relationships with individuals worldwide.
  • Exploration: Undertake an expedition surpassing conventional travel encounters.


At Stepabroad, we take pride in being more than your typical Vancouver travel agency. Our programs focus on complete immersion in your destination, providing an enriching and sustainable experience. We are individuals like you, answering the call to adventure, and we are here to facilitate that journey. Offering a diverse array of working holiday programs, our destinations include Spain, Australia, Japan, the UK, New Zealand, France, and South Korea. Tailored to meet your individual needs, our programs range from structured options. Programs like the Sydney Surf Camp are more structured while choices such as the Spain or Japan send-off packages. Which one suits you best?

Working Holiday Destinations:


The land down under

Embark on a boundless Working Holiday in Australia, known for its friendly culture, relaxed vibes, pristine beaches, and natural beauty. With your work visa secured through our Australian Working Holiday Programs, explore this stunning land freely, making every moment count with Stepabroad.


Land of Rising Sun

Unlock the mysteries of Japan, steeped in history and alive with culture. A Working Holiday Visa is your key to this unique destination. Stepabroad's Japan Working Holiday Programs pave the way for your adventure in the Land of the Rising Sun. Trust us to assist with your Japan visa needs and ensure a smooth transition for an unforgettable journey.

South Korea

A foodie's paradise

Indulge in an exciting array of cuisines, from Yangnyeom Chicken to Korean BBQ and Kimchi. South Korea, an East Asian gem, is a true haven for food enthusiasts. Take the opportunity to master the language or embrace the rich culture during a year on a South Korea Working Holiday. Securing your Korean visa is a breeze with our assistance!


Fashion, food and, romance

Acquire your French Working Holiday Visa seamlessly from within Canada and set the stage to use France as your springboard for global exploration. Embark on the adventure of a lifetime while honing personal growth, expanding language abilities, and gaining valuable work experience.

New Zealand

Laid-back life with breathtaking scenery

Immerse yourself in the thrill of New Zealand's exhilarating activities, breathtaking landscapes, and easy-going vibes. Uncover the full spectrum of experiences through our New Zealand Working Holiday Programs. At Stepabroad, we streamline the process of obtaining your New Zealand Working Holiday Visa, ensuring a seamless transition. Pack your bags, and get ready for adventure.


Castles, Kings, and Queens

Indulge in outstanding festivals, fairy-tale castles, and a vibrant tapestry of culture in the United Kingdom. Our UK Working Holiday Programs turn dreams into reality, offering a gateway to live and work in the UK. From bustling cities to enchanting landscapes, our programs guide you into a seamless transition into a life-changing chapter in the wonders of the United Kingdom.


Vibrancy, boldness, and culinary delight

Immerse yourself in the vibrancy of Spain, a realm of bold flavors and cultural richness. Also known for warm hospitality and exquisite cuisine, Spain invites Canadians on a culturally enriching working holiday. Stepabroad eases your journey, ensuring a smooth process for obtaining a Spain working holiday visa.


Stepabroad, your trusted Vancouver travel agency, provides a worldwide network complemented by regional proficiency. Our team comprehends the nuances of each location, guaranteeing personalized assistance during your time abroad. With us as your travel agency in Vancouver, the world becomes your exploration ground. Leveraging numerous connections, we’ve aided countless travelers, like yourself, in pursuing working holidays. Irrespective of your chosen destination, your Stepabroad agent will help you navigate and support you. We use our global connections and local proficiency to assist you at every step.


Choose Stepabroad as your Vancouver travel agency and turn your passion for travel and exploration into a tangible experience. Our extended cultural exchange travel programs provide a distinctive mix of career advancement, personal development, and global exploration. With us, Vancouver becomes your launching pad for an exceptional adventure. Step into the world with confidence alongside Stepabroad.

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