The end of summer may have you feeling one of two ways – either you are devastated to see the leaves turning orange and days getting shorter, or perhaps you are thrilled about crisp fall days wrapped up in cozy sweaters. Whether you are excited or not for the approaching new season, September always brings a feeling of change to the air. It’s an opportunity for new beginnings and a chance to try something you’ve never done before!

In fact, it’s the perfect time to jump on that idea that’s been clinging to the back of your mind all summer and head off on an adventure abroad! Why not make this upcoming year your best one yet?

Stepabroad’s Working Holiday and Internship Abroad programs help Canadians achieve their dreams to travel by offering a helping hand to land a job and manage all the details associated with going abroad. All that’s left for you to do is to start planning your travel adventures!

It's the perfect time to start planning an adventure abroad!
Stop waiting for the signs, only you can make your dreams to see the world come true.

Here are 5 ways travel will change your life for the better:

1. You will discover new passions and interests.

There is nothing more exciting than experiencing a new culture, trying new foods or watching the sunset over a landscape that looks like nothing you’ve seen before. One of the best parts of travel is discovering things you never knew you were looking for. When you return from your travels you might be more interested to check out local cultural festivals, seek out new foreign restaurants or take up salsa dancing and meet people who share your new interests!

Australia Working Holiday Program Overview
Learn to surf like Ian did in Australia on his working holiday!

2. Gain superhero strength at overcoming new challenges.

Living abroad and travel in general present new challenges that you would never expect to face at home. Small hurdles like navigating a brand new city, ordering food in a foreign language, or going without the familiar comforts of home are no doubt frustrating and stressful to overcome. While you are abroad you have no choice but to shrug off your insecurities and take on these challenges with a can-do attitude. Sometimes these challenges will lead you to the most memorable experiences, like getting invited into a local’s home for tea after you ask for directions, or sharing a meal with complete strangers who happily help you translate a menu. No matter what comes your way, you will feel immensely proud of yourself for your newly sharpened problem-solving skills and abilities to adapt (and thrive!) in new situations.

Travel will Change you
After you’ve traveled through a foreign country, there is nothing you can’t do!

3. Material things will have less meaning.

After having the time of your life abroad, you won’t look at material possessions the same. When you get home, you’ll re-think buying the latest iPhone. Instead, you’ll be thinking about where you could buy a plane ticket to with that money! The memories you collect while abroad will bring you far more joy than the short-lived excitement of a new laptop. Friendships built on shared experiences are typically stronger than those built on associations and these days it is very easy to stay in touch with friends you make around the world! Who knows, you may end up reuniting again and reminiscing over that one wild night closing down the karaoke bar!

Travel will Change you
Your experiences overseas will expand your world, bring you new perspectives and unlike material possessions, will remain a part of you forever.

4. It will give you a confidence boost.

When you travel you are forced to ‘put yourself out there’ more than in your life at home. If approaching new people makes you nervous, just remember that everyone is in the same boat! One of the best parts of going abroad is meeting people from different countries and asking them questions about their cultures and life back home because it’s likely to be very different than your own! After a while, you will find you get a lot of practice meeting new people and will be a pro by the time you return to Canada.

Traveling boosts confidence
You will quickly learn that it is very easy to meet other travelers abroad just by asking them where they are from.

5. It increases your happiness.

When you return from your time abroad you will feel enlivened by your experiences and the people you met. This might inspire you to pursue a new career path, take up a new hobby, join a club, or even move to a new city! Your mind is expanded while you travel and so when you return, you will approach your life with a whole new view.

Make long-lasting friendships while you work and travel abroad
No matter how long or far you decide to go on your experience abroad, one thing is for sure: you will never regret it!

Even if you’re not yet ready to take the plunge, our team is here to give you all the information you need to make your travel dreams come true sooner than you think!

Contact us in the form below to set up a quick call and we’ll be happy to tell you all about our Working Holiday Programs and how they can help fund your travels, or how our Internship Programs will give your resume an edge and career-boosting opportunity abroad. We’re excited to help you get on your way for the experience of a lifetime!