Canadians Can Now Get an Australia Working Holiday Visa Up to Age 35

It’s official! The Canadian government has announced the age limit that Canadians are eligible for an Australia Working Holiday Visa has been increased from 30 to 35. This means if you are a Canadian who is over 18 and not yet 36, you are able to apply for an Australian Working Holiday Visa. This visa allows Canadians to work in Australia to support their travels around the country for up to three years! Now even more Canadians will be able to participate in the Australian Working Holiday Program and we couldn’t be more excited.

Canadians up to age 35 are now eligible for an Australian Working Holiday Visa.

Why the age increase?

Working holiday visas are part of a Youth Mobility Agreement between two countries. In Canada, this is organized by a division of the government called International Experience Canada (IEC). Under the Youth Mobility Agreement between Australia and Canada, many Canadians go to Australia each year (and vice-versa). In fact, Australia is consistently the top destination for Canadians to go abroad on a working holiday. Expanding the eligible age from 30 to 35 gives even more Canadians the opportunity to benefit from the personal growth that comes with travel. Opportunities like this help Canadian youth immerse themselves in a new culture and grow into well-developed citizens who will be part of a globally-minded generation.

How can I get started?

Look no further, Stepabroad can help make your Australia travel dreams a reality! We help young Canadians find work opportunities abroad and provide all the support necessary to begin an unforgettable working holiday. Our Australia Working Holiday Programs help you land a job and set up everything you need for living in Australia. You can even have our team pick you up at the airport and take you to pre-arranged accommodation. We also provide assistance applying for your Australia Working Holiday Visa and offer travel advice, tips for flights, resume revisions and more! All our programs provide a personal trip coordinator to assist you from start to finish!

What can I expect?

We know it’s a big decision to pack up your things and travel to the other side of the globe. You might be wondering what it’s like to live and work in a foreign country? How will my life be different than in Canada? These are completely normal questions! Our participant Ian Saunders has shared his Australian working holiday experience working in Brisbane. Check out his blog post, Life on an Australian Working Holiday.

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Stepabroad is a recognized organization by the Canadian Government. We provide working holiday and internship experiences to young Canadians in five destinations around the globe. You can find out more about Stepabroad by visiting our About page.

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