Frequently Asked Questions

We know you might have questions for us, so we’ve tried our best to answer them for you below.


      • Who is Stepabroad?
        Stepabroad is a Vancouver based company that gives young Canadians a chance to experience work and travel in selected countries around the globe. As a Recognized Organization by the Government of Canada, we are helping to create a globally minded and culturally accepting generation of Canadians.
      • How long is the application process?

        Once you have completed the online application form, our team will review it and schedule an admittance consultation within 48 hours. It will typically take our team 1 to 2 business days to be accepted and ready for the next step!

        After you have been accepted and paid your program fee, your Stepabroad trip coordinator will start planning your upcoming adventure abroad! The planning process usually takes at least 3 months, so make sure you apply well in advance from the date you would like to depart.

      • What services are included in each program?

        All programs start with our basic services to ensure participants are fully prepared for a successful experience abroad. This includes a step-by-step work visa guide and assistance through the application, resume writing guide and professional revision services, assistance finding long-term accommodation, orientation upon arrival and ongoing in-country support throughout the program.

        In addition, each of our programs is unique and offer different levels of job and arrival support on top of these basic services. Check out our individual program pages or ask a Stepabroad team member for more details on what’s included in each specific program.

      • Will my working holiday job abroad cover my expenses?

        We help you find a job to help cover your living expenses.  Our working holiday program in Chile is not paid but you will receive free accommodation and meals. It is necessary to have savings set aside for emergencies and extra activities/travel. You will likely want to do some traveling!

      • What do I have to pay for?

        There are no hidden fees! Our program is a one-time fee, which is paid before your departure.

        A participant will typically need to budget for the program fee, a flight to the destination, visa application fees and travel medical insurance. In most cases, participants will also need to pay for their food and accommodation (with the exception of our Chile and UK Working Holiday programs).

        Ask a team member about budgeting and how much your trip will cost!

    • How far in advance do I have to apply?

      Applying well in advance will give us more time to search for the perfect placement for you and make sure you are fully prepared for your adventure abroad! We recommend applying for the Working Holiday program at least 3 months ahead of time and at least 4 months for the Internship Abroad programs. The earlier you can apply the better!

      Short notice applications may be possible upon request. Ask a Stepabroad team member if we can assist you with your plans.

Working Holiday

    • Who can apply for the Working Holiday Program?
      To apply for our Working Holiday Program, you must be at least 18 years old, up to 35 years old. You also must hold a Canadian passport and be eligible for the Working Holiday visa of your chosen destination. Not sure if you are eligible? Contact our team to learn about the eligibility criteria.
    • What is a Working Holiday?
      A working holiday is an extended trip where you work in a casual job to help pay for your travels. Canadians are eligible to work as a foreigner in 33 countries around the world on a working holiday visa! Stepabroad’s Working Holiday Program helps young Canadians organize their working holiday trip, from the visa application to finding a casual job to setting up a bank account and more! Let our team help you gain international work experience, pay off your living expenses and kick-off the trip of a lifetime!
  • Do I need a special work permit?
    If you plan to work abroad and receive monetary compensation, then yes you will need a work permit. But don’t worry, our Stepabroad trip coordinators will give you step-by-step instructions on how to apply for a Working Holiday Visa. We will also make sure you obtain the correct visa and work with you to make sure your application is completed correctly to ensure it gets approved.


      • Do I have to be a student to do the Internship Program?
        Ideally you will be a student or recent graduate at the time of your internship application. However, exeptions can be made. This program is designed for anyone 18 to 30 looking to obtain work experience in a specialized field. This could be in a new career path or an area you are studying. An internship will help set you up for career success.
      • Do I need previous work experience?
        No, the internship program requires no previous experience. That is the point of the program! Your internship will give you experience in a specialized field so that when you return to Canada you have a unique professional experience on your resume to make you stand out from the competition. All this while you get to experience living abroad, a true win-win!
        • Are the internships paid?
          Because the internships do not require any previous work experience and are designed as a learning experience they are unpaid. You can think of the internship program as an investment in yourself, like your education. Upon your return to Canada, you are likely to land a better paying job than if you didn’t complete this unique work experience abroad. The return will pay off for years to come when you start your career with such a valuable experience!
          • Can I get a paid internship?
            Not in our programs, no. It is typically very hard for foreigners to land a paid internship because of their short-term nature and work permit limitations. A company would prefer to hire a local in a paid internship because the salary investment in that intern could potentially lead to a full-time opportunity. In some countries, such as New Zealand, internships are unpaid by law.

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