Frequently Asked Questions

We know you might have questions for us, so we’ve tried our best to answer them for you below.




    • Who is Stepabroad?
      Stepabroad is a Vancouver based company that gives young Canadians a chance to experience work and travel in selected countries around the globe. As a recognized and certified organization by the Government of Canada, we are able to offer exclusive work permits to countries without a Youth Mobility Agreement.
    • How long does it usually take to apply?
      Once you have completed the online application form, our team will review it and schedule a admittance consultation within 48 hours. It will usually take 1 week to be accepted and ready for the next step of your program.
    • What services are included in each program?
      Each of our programs are unique and may not include or have additional services.

      Our main services include professional placement services, a step-by-step visa application guide, bank account set up, assistance with long-term accommodation, airport pick-up, ongoing in-country support, orientation upon arrival, resume translation and, interview preparation.

    • Will my job abroad cover my expenses?
      For our Working Holiday program, you will be guaranteed a paid job (with the exception of our Working Holiday Chile program).

      Jobs offered are typically above minimum wage and will be enough to pay for basic living costs. Nonetheless, it’s always smart to bring saved money for emergencies and extra activities.

      Our team of coordinators is ready to help you find a suitable paying job for the experience you want.

    • What do I have to pay for?
      There are no hidden fees! Our program is a one-time fee, which is paid before your departure.

      A participant will typically need to budget for the program fee, flights to the destination, and within the country, living costs and, visa application fee.

    • How far in advance do I have to apply?
      Applying well in advance will give us more time to search for the perfect placement for you! We recommend applying for the Working Holiday program least 5 weeks ahead of time and at least 8 weeks for Internship Abroad programs.

      Short notice applications is be possible upon request!

Working Holiday


  • Who can I apply for the Working Holiday Program?
    To apply for our Working Holiday program, you must be at least 18 years old, up to 30 years old. You also must hold a Canadian passport and eligible for a Working Holiday visa.
  • What is a Working Holiday?
    Imagine traveling abroad, either with your friends or by yourself, you want to see what it’s like living in a new country for 6 months but you ran out of money! A Working Holiday program essentially helps young Canadians like you find a fun job to extend your stay abroad! No need for pre-arranged work agreements or complicated work permits! Gain international work experiences, pay off your living expenses all and leave the planning to us!
  • Do I need a Work Permit?
    If you are working abroad and receiving monetary compensation, then yes! But don’t worry, our Stepabroad coordinators can give you step-by-step instructions on how to apply for a Working Holiday Visa