Are you a Canadian citizen planning to travel and work in Japan? Then the Japan Working Holiday Visa for Canadians is what you need! The Japan Working Holiday Visa gives you the chance to experience life in Japan as a local while making some extra cash to help cover your travel expenses.

It can be tricky to navigate the process of obtaining a working holiday visa and getting a job in a foreign country. Lucky for you, Stepabroad offers Canadians direct assistance through each step of their visa application in our Japan Send Off Package, Canada’s most affordable program helping Canadians get started on their working holiday in Japan. Stepabroad’s special agreement with the Japanese Embassy allows us to submit your Japan visa application on your behalf, saving you the trip to the consulate!

Stepabroad has put together this step-by-step guide for Canadians applying for a Japan Working Holiday Visa, including how to submit your application and the documents to prepare beforehand. If you haven’t already, first check out everything Canadians need to know about the Japan Working Holiday Visa.


Embark on an unforgettable experience wit the Japan Working Holiday Visa for Canadians


Applying for the Japan Working Holiday Visa


Eligibility: Read our detailed post on the eligibility requirements for the Japan Working Holiday Visa
Process Time: At least one week. You must apply at least 3 weeks before your departure date. 
Cost of Application: Free!
Application Method: In-person at your nearest Japanese Embassy or Consulate. There are only 5 locations in Canada that process visa applications. If there is no consulate in your city, you must travel to the consulate that serves your jurisdiction. If you would prefer not to travel to the consulate, Stepabroad can submit your application file on your behalf (see end of article for details)

Step 1: Gather necessary supporting documents

Step 2: Fill out the visa application forms

Step 3: Submit your application file

Step 4: Pick up your passport & visa

Step 5: Arrive in Japan


Experience life in Japan while working with a working holiday visa for Canadians
Japan is known for sushi, karaoke, sake and anime. However, this country has a lot more to offer and will keep you constantly entertained!

Step 1: Gather supporting documents

The first step is to prepare all the information you need to submit the visa application. This includes collecting the following documents:

a. Passport Photo

Get a passport photo taken to attach to your application.

b. Doctor’s Note

Book an appointment with your family doctor, or walk-in-clinic doctor to get a doctors note.

c. Bank Statement

The Japanese government requires you to have proof of sufficient travel funds equivalent to $2,500 USD (or approx. $3,300 CAD). You can show this with a personal bank account statement in Canadian dollars.

d. Flight Information

Print out your flight itinerary showing your travel dates in and out of Japan.

e. Letter of Motivation

Your letter of motivation should explain why you want to apply for the Japan Working Holiday Visa. This is similar to a cover letter, so take it seriously! Yes, they will read it, and yes this is important.

If you’re having Stepabroad help you prepare your application file, make sure to send your motivational letter to your Stepabroad trip coordinator so they can review and edit it for you to ensure it meets all of the requirements. We have never had a participant’s visa application get rejected!


Step 2: Fill out the visa application forms

Once you have begun collecting the above supporting documents, you must fill out your personal information on the following three forms provided by the Japanese embassy and consulates:

a. Application Form

For the“Name and address of hotels or persons with whom applicant intends to stay” section, try your best to fill this out with an address of where you will be staying, even if it is only where you will be staying for the initial period of your time in Japan. If you don’t have a guarantor or someone inviting you to Japan, it is acceptable to leave this section blank.

b. Resume Form

Fill in this form with your employment history and your plans for working and traveling in Japan. Some consulates do not require you to complete this form. In that case, submitting your professional resume is acceptable.

c. Itinerary Form

Do some research on Japan so you have an idea of the regions and cities you would like to visit as well as the activities you want to do. It is understandable that you may not know what your job will be until you arrive, or that you may be traveling and working various jobs, so instead define what you intend to do for work.

If you’re using our Japan Send Off Package, don’t stress! Our team will help you fill out these three forms in the correct way that Japanese officials require.


Step 3: Submit your application file

After you have completed the application forms and gathered all of your supportive documents, you need to make an appointment to go in person to your nearest consulate or embassy to submit your application file.

Bring your passport and another piece of government-issued personal identification when you submit your application. They will keep your passport and ask you to bring the same ID to retrieve your passport when your file has been processed. Staff at the embassy/consulate will give you a receipt and collection date to pick up your visa. Do not lose this receipt, you will need this to pick up your passport. 

If you are unable to submit your application in person, you can use the services provided by Stepabroad’s Send Off Package to have our team help you meet the in-person submission requirement. Simply mail your application to our Vancouver office and we will submit it for you. Once we receive your application package, we will walk it over to the Vancouver consulate and submit it on your behalf with special privileges we have been granted by the Japanese Embassy. Be sure to select a mail service with a tracking number so you can locate the package in the event it is delayed or lost in the mail.


Step 4: Pick up your passport & visa

The consular agent at the embassy/consulate will ask you to come back in a week to pick up your passport. During that week, they will contact you if there are delays or problems with your application. When you return to pick up your passport, bring your identification and proof of a return ticket from Japan (if you didn’t provide your flight itinerary when you submit your application). 


Step 5: Arrive in Japan

You made it to Japan!

When you enter Japan, you will be issued a resident card at the port of entry. Within the first 2 weeks, you must find the nearest local municipal office and register your resident card with the place you are residing in. The Stepabroad team can help you with this too!


Explore Japan on a working holiday program for Canadians
Visting Fushimi Inari Shrine


Japanese Embassy & Consulates in Canada

There are only 5 Japanese consulates in Canada. If you do not live near an embassy or consulate but want to apply for a Japanese Working Holiday Visa, Stepabroad has a special agreement with the Japanese Embassy which allows us to submit your application on your behalf. We can help you get to Japan no matter where you live in Canada!

The embassy and consulates are located in the following cities across Canada:

Montreal (Consulate)

Jurisdiction: Quebec, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, Labrador & Newfoundland residents

Ottawa (Embassy)

Jurisdiction: Ottawa residents

Toronto (Consulate)

Jurisdiction: Ontario residents

Calgary (Consulate)

Jurisdiction: Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Northwest Territories and Nunavut residents

Vancouver (Consulate)

Jurisdiction: British Columbia and Yukon residents


Still have questions?

Are you still confused about the process of moving to Japan and getting a working holiday job? Check out our post on Frequently Asked Questions about the Japan Working Holiday Visa to learn more important details about the restrictions of the visa.

You can also book a call with our team or message us on WhatsApp to learn how we can help you step abroad on one of our Working Holiday in Japan Programs.

Japan Working Holiday Visa
You too could look out on Mount Fuji from your apartment balcony.


Need help getting a job and a place to live?

If you are looking for assistance getting a job and pre-arranged accommodation, Stepabroad’s City Working Holiday and Ski Resort Working Holiday programs provide these additional services in the south of Japan and powder-filled northern region. No matter what your plans are, we take the stress out of planning so you can focus on your upcoming adventures in the Land of the Rising Sun!

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