The international internship program provides the chance to kick-start your career and explore the world. Stepabroad provides safe, guaranteed international internships and professional development opportunities that will enrich and inspire young Canadians who want to make a meaningful start in their chosen profession.

Get hands-on, international work experience to improve your skills and distinguish yourself from the competition. An international internship will not only provide you with an unforgettable experience with lifelong memories but expand your professional network across different countries and open up new doors for your future.

Through the international internship program, you can build a résumé that adds global experience and showcases your adaptability and far-reaching connections. We guarantee internship placements in Chile, Japan, or New Zealand and offer an expert team to work closely with you to provide a personal and stress-free placement. We manage all of the details, ensuring you have the right paperwork and visa in place, arranging accommodations and helping you prepare for interviews.

Whether you are complementing your studies or broadening your professional horizons, an international internship is a chance to discover what it means to work in your chosen field while exploring a new culture and embracing adventure. Best of all, it will instill a sense that wherever you go in life and your career – the possibilities are limitless.


Young Canadian girl accepting job offer for an internship abroad.