May 27, 2022 Posted in News, Japan

Japan is Reopening! Here’s What You Need to Know

Japan is finally reopening! Well, kind of. Before you get carried away with the notion of opening floodgates, this will likely be a slow, gradual process limited to specific visa holders. The good news is that Japan Working Holiday Visas are being accepted, allowing Canadians between the ages of 18 and 30 the opportunity to live and work in Japan. However, new work visa sponsorship requirements have been put in place for 2022 Japan Working Holiday travellers. Here’s what you need to know.

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Japan’s New Temporary Visa Requirements

An ERFS (Entrants and Returnees Follow up System) document is currently required to submit your Japan Working Holiday Visa application. This is a document applied for on your behalf by a Japanese organization and shows that you have a ‘sponsoring’ organization in the country and a purpose for your trip.

How to Get Japan Work Visa Sponsorship

Feeling overwhelmed by the idea of finding a Japanese company to sponsor you? We can help with that. Participants on our Japan City Experience Program are able to secure an ERFS document through our language school partnership. You can get sponsored to start your adventure in Japan by learning Japanese with travellers from around the world. It’s a win, win.

Aside from securing a sponsoring organization, you will also need to meet the general working holiday visa requirements.

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2022 Japan Working Holiday Visa Requirements

We’ve given a full breakdown of the working holiday visa requirements on our Japan Working Holiday page. However, to briefly summarize, you will need to provide the following:

  • Visa application form
  • Itinerary form
  • Resume form or personal CV (depending on which consulate)
  • Flight itinerary
  • Medical note
  • Bank statement showing funds of at least $3,500 CAD
  • Passport photo
  • Motivation letter
  • Submit your application in person at the consulate that covers your jurisdiction

Looking for some help through the process? We will guide you through every step, ensuring you secure your 2022 Japan Working Holiday Visa without any hiccups.

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Can I Come to Japan on a Tourist Visa?

Japan will reopen to tourists on June 10th, 2022. However, this only applies to organized tour groups with specific itineraries and will be a gradual process with limited numbers at first. Plus, you will not be able to work in Japan on a tourist visa. We cover this in more depth in our Japan Working Holiday Visa FAQs.

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What’s the Japan City Experience Program?

Our Japan City Experience Program will get everything sorted for your working holiday. We will navigate you through the complicated process of applying for your 2022 Japan Working Holiday Visa – ensuring you meet Japan’s work visa sponsorship requirements (and all the other requirements) and receive your working visa ASAP.

Now onto the fun stuff! The best way to get under the skin of a country is to learn the local language; throw yourself in at the deep end with two weeks of Japanese language lessons in either Tokyo or Kyoto.

Meet students from all over the world as you immerse yourself in Japan’s extraordinary culture; experience karaoke-fuelled nights out, watch a sumo match and eat everything – Japan’s foodie culture is legendary. After finishing your Japanese language course, we will support you through your next steps, like finding accommodation and a job. Wondering what working holiday jobs you can get in Japan? We cover this in our guide on How to Work in Japan as a Canadian.

Japan Travel Requirements

You’ve got your Japan Working Holiday Visa, packed your bags and can almost taste the miso ramen. Before you race to the airport, you will need to ensure you meet Japan’s reopening travel requirements. In order to enter Japan, you will indeed to provide the following:

  • PCR/NAAT test 72-hours before departure with a special certificate completed for Japan Ministry of Health
  • Completed health questionnaire
  • Vaccine certificate (three doses to avoid quarantine)
  • Download tracking apps (MySOS and COCOA)
  • Written pledge

Want to Learn More?

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