The Best Work Abroad Programs for 2022

If you’ve put your travel plans on hold for the past two years (who hasn’t?!), 2022 is the year to make up for it. Whether you’re finishing school or college and want to plan a summer job abroad, or want to make money on your gap year, a working holiday will allow you to work and travel the world. From Spain’s sun-kissed shores to South Korea’s futuristic nation, extreme adventures in New Zealand to perfecting your French in France, discover the top seven countries Canadians can move to in 2022; these are our 2022 work abroad programs.

London’s Calling: Travel & Work in the UK

If you’re looking for work in Europe programs, the UK is an excellent choice. Why? When you get a UK Working Holiday Visa, you get a choice of four countries: England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Plus, you’re on the doorstep of Europe. That’s a helluva lot to explore, but you’ll have more than enough time to tick off the bucket list. Join our London Discovery Program and hit the ground running in the UK’s cool, cultural capital.

Get Paid to Work in Australia

After two years in lockdown, Australia has finally opened its doors to fully vaccinated eligible visa holders, which includes 2022 work abroad participants on the Working Holiday Visa. Spend a year (or three! Ask us how…) surfing in Sydney, scuba diving the Great Barrier Reef, sailing the Whitsundays… the list goes on. For a detailed breakdown of life Down Under (including how much you can earn. Hint: a lot), read Stepabroad expert Robyn’s top tips on moving to Australia from Canada in 2022.

Move to Spain for Year-Round Sunshine

Want to brush up on your Spanish while you work and travel? Escape the icy grip of Canada pronto, as Spain enjoys year-round sunshine – and Spaniards utilize this to the fullest. Whether soaking up the sun at the beach, sharing tapas on patios or getting active in the great outdoors, you won’t find a better work-life balance than in Spain.

See what life is like in Spain in our latest interview with Joelle, who joined our Spain work abroad program earlier this year.

Extreme Adventures in New Zealand

Home to some of the world’s most beautiful landscapes, extreme sports (think: white water rafting, bungee jumping, sky diving and more), copious amounts of wine and even a glow worm cave, New Zealand has it all. Plus, as an English-speaking country with warm and welcoming locals, it’s easy to get settled in your new laid-back life in paradise. Join our New Zealand Adventure Program and start your adventure ticking off some of New Zealand’s most incredible sights.

Learn French in France

French language proficiency opens so many job opportunities in Canada. Choosing to work abroad in France will allow you to speak French daily while living in the world’s most iconic settings (think: Paris, the French Riviera, champagne and wine regions… to name but a few). Want something further afield? The Working Holiday visa for France is also valid in French overseas territories: Guadeloupe, Martinique, Reunion Island, St Pierre and Miquelon. You could even hopscotch across multiple countries as you work and travel in 2022!

A Futuristic Working Holiday in South Korea

Tech-driven and futuristic, yet traditional and scenic, South Korea has it all. Spend 12 months embracing the traditional (and modern) culture, unique food, K-pop (no judgement here) and festivals (food, music, snow, fire, mud… there’s a festival for everything here). Not to mention a healthy dose of outdoor adventures up mountains, on sub-tropical islands, and so much more.

PLAN AHEAD: Work & Travel in Japan in 2023

Combine Japan’s unique culture with the world’s best powder for an utterly unique ski season. There are over 500 ski resorts across the country, so there is no shortage of terrain to explore, while après-ski is all about onsen (natural hot springs) and chill before embracing Japan’s wacky, wonderful nightlife. We’ll help you kick-start your adventure with Japanese language lessons – you’ll be speaking like a local in no time.

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